A New Survey Reveals How Valuable Landscaping is to Potential Homebuyers

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We all know that when it comes to people, it’s on the inside that really counts—But what about our homes?

Well, apparently, it’s what’s on the outside that really counts to homebuyers across America. After all, the first thing a potential buyer sees when they arrive at a property is the exterior. A poorly landscaped lawn can leave a bad first impression and deter a sale.

So how much of a role does a home’s landscaping and gardening play in its attractiveness, and what indicators of a high-value home are growing in gardens across America?

A recent survey conducted by Michigan Bulb gives insights into how current and potential homebuyers see a house’s value through landscaping. After all, a home’s exterior is the main focus point for potential buyers and neighbors alike.

In the survey, over 1000 people responded to questions regarding landscaping, house values, and curb appeal. Read on to see what they had to say.

Home Value

Here’s what the respondents had to say about landscaping and the value of their homes:

  • A large majority (97%) of Americans say a landscaped yard adds value to a home.
  • For 65% of respondents, a landscaped front yard is more important than a landscaped backyard.
  • 59% of millennials want a large yard they can landscape, while 35% of Baby Boomers don’t want the burden of large yard maintenance.
  • 40% of Americans and 54% of Baby Boomers say they have added thousands of dollars to their home’s value through landscaping.

Gardening & Landscaping

This is what the respondents said about the importance of gardening and landscaping their homes:

  • Overall, the most attractive element to the respondents was healthy plantlife (34%).
  • 17% of millennials enjoy landscaping with fragrant flowers.
  • 31% of Gen-X respondents are most put off by dying or dead plants.
  • 30% of Gen-Z say patchy or dead grass isn’t attractive in a yard.

Although preferences vary from generation to generation, one thing is for sure: The inside of a house can always be fixed and repaired, but the quality of landscaping sometimes can’t be changed. If a potential buyer wants shady trees, they won’t settle for a wide open lawn. If they want a big backyard, they’re not likely to change their minds.

So, yes, the outside of your house matters. Proper landscaping not only looks good to your neighbors, but can impact the value of your house in the long term.

You can check out the full survey and all of the insights landscaping done by Stockton tree experts

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