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How to Set up a Creative Facebook Cover Video

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In today’s digital era, Facebook is a popular social media site used to connect with the world. More than 1.5 billion people log into their Facebook accounts daily. More than 50% of social media users in the world are on Facebook only.

Besides individuals, Facebook is also a great place for brands and businesses. Celebs and artists also use Facebook to connect with the audience. Most of the brands on Facebook have their business page to connect with customers. When a user visits your page on Facebook, a cover video is the first thing to be noticed.

In place of a cover photo for your Facebook page, you can upload a video to drive engagement. Effective An appealing cover video can encourage users to follow your Facebook page. Many brands spend a lot to make an eye-catching cover video for their Facebook page. Read on to know how to set up a creative Facebook cover video.

What is a Cover Video for a Facebook Page?

A cover video will appear on top of your Facebook page to the visitors. There is no compulsion to add a video to your profile cover. You can also go with an image for your profile cover on Facebook. However, a video will have a greater reach and should be used in your cover section.

Facebook is a leading platform around the world that helps viewers to consume video content. Approximately 4 billion videos are watched in a single day by viewers on Facebook. When Facebook users consume so much video content, you can attract them by adding an appealing cover video to your page.

Many brands on Facebook make their most-watched video as their cover video. You can stay relevant to your existing followers on Facebook by adding a cover video. Also, new followers can be gained by adding a creative cover video for your Facebook page.

Understanding the Ideal Dimensions of Cover Videos on Facebook

If you want to set up a creative cover video for your Facebook page, you should be familiar with the ideal dimensions. If you follow the ideal dimensions, you can give the best viewing experience to your Facebook followers. Users on Facebook do not prefer following pages that have a low-quality cover video. The ideal dimensions for a cover video on Facebook are listed below:

  • You can also post a large video as your cover video on Facebook. Across Facebook, the maximum permissible video size is 1.75 GB and, you don’t have to worry about the maximum limit. However, you may not attract an audience with a large cover video. It is better to post a small-sized cover video on Facebook to catch the attention of viewers.
  • The ideal aspect ratio for Facebook cover videos is 16:9. If you upload your cover video with some other aspect ratio, Facebook will automatically adjust it to 16:9. Automatic adjustment can hamper the viewing experience of your cover video. It is better to ensure the ideal aspect ratio during the production of the cover video.
  • You also have to take care of the resolution of your Facebook cover video. The recommended resolution for Facebook cover video on mobile devices is 820*462 pixels. However, it is beneficial if you are only targeting users that use Facebook on a mobile device.
  • If you want to target both mobile devices and PCs, the ideal resolution for cover video is 820*312 pixels. The resolution on Facebook automatically decreases when a cover video is viewed on a desktop.
  • Facebook allows page owners to upload cover videos in different file formats. Facebook has high compatibility and supports around 30 different video file formats. Some popular file formats for Facebook cover videos are 3gp, Mpeg4, F4v, FLV, NSV, TOD, and WMV.

How to Create a Cover Video Quickly for Facebook?

For your Facebook page, you need to create a professional cover video that can catch viewers’ attention. You can use your smartphone or PC to make a cover video for your brand. However, you won’t be able to add editing effects to your cover video.

The built-in features of smartphones and PCs do not allow users to add advanced editing efforts. As a result, you may end up publishing an unprofessional cover video for your Facebook page. To avoid such a situation, you should use an online video maker for creating your Facebook cover video.

An online video maker will let you remove the shortcoming of your cover video. For example, if there are any audio disturbances in your cover video, you can remove them with a video maker. Also, online video makers provide numerous premade templates that can be used to make cover videos quickly.

You can add overlays, sound effects, license-free music, and much more to your cover video with an online video maker. Also, the time taken to create professional content can be decreased with an online video maker.

If you are a beginner in video editing, you can try the free version of any popular online video maker. The free version will help you in learning editing techniques for creating social media content. Choose a video maker that lets you share videos directly to social media channels.

Uploading Cover Video on Facebook

For uploading a cover video on Facebook, visit your page and log in as an owner. Along with your cover picture, you will see an ‘Edit’ icon. Press on that icon to upload your cover video. Once you press the ‘Edit’ button, you will have to choose your preferred video.

You can only upload those videos as your cover videos on Facebook are already uploaded in a normal feed. Once you have selected your video, you need to drag and reposition your video. The drag and repositioning will help you in setting your cover video with the right margins. You will also have to choose your cover video thumbnail that will be visible to page visitors.

Facebook also allows users to play their cover videos in a loop. You need to click on ‘Automatically replay video in a loop’ to make your video look like a GIF to page visitors. However, the full video will be displayed once the page visitor clicks on it.

Tips for Setting Up a Creative Cover Video

The most important elements of your video should be placed in the center of the video. Also, you need to make a catchy introduction part for your cover video to stop the viewer from skipping. Towards the end of the cover video, you need to add an appealing CTA (Call to Action). The CTA towards the end of your cover video will enhance the customer conversion rate.

Video experts suggest that the background music of cover videos should not be an essential element. It is because around 80% of Facebook videos are watched with sound on mute. It is not a good practice to add a voiceover to your cover video on Facebook.

In a Nutshell

Many small businesses became big after leveraging the power of social media platforms. You can also create a professional Facebook page for your brand and attract a wide audience. One can use an online video make for setting up an innovative cover video for their Facebook page. Make an adorable FB cover video now!

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