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5 Main Criteria for choosing a Video Production Company to create a video

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If you are reading this article right now, then most likely you are in a state of choice: which company, which video company to choose for your project? In this article, we will look at 5 key criteria that we recommend that you follow when ordering video company services.

Now on the market of video filming, computer graphics and animation there are more than 1000 companies (and this is only according to our calculations), offering a full range of professional services. But are they really all professionals of what they do? Whether or not they can be trusted with the task, you are going to trust them and justify whether this or that video company are your expectations? Let’s figure it out.

1. Availability of a commercial about your company

A professional video production company like Neurable must have its own commercial, presentation in video format. Why should there be such a video and why is it needed? Why exactly this criterion?  Everything is very simple. Let’s imagine for a moment that the web companies that offer website building services don’t have a website themselves. At the same time, they constantly talk about the fact that sites are super effective and that they pay off.

2. Multi-page quality website

Look at video company sites. As we already wrote, there are more than a thousand of them now.  You are most likely choosing from 3-5-10 sites. What to look at on the site and what should you especially pay attention to? First, the site must be multi-page like Media Medic. If this is an ordinary landing page, without branching the site into sections, if the client cannot study in detail the company with which he is going to start cooperation, then working with such a video company is not an option.

3. Video company portfolio

Now we turn to the most interesting – showreel or portfolio of a video company. Why is a portfolio important? The question is rhetorical: the video company’s portfolio is its face. The higher the quality of work the company does the better. What is important specifically in this paragraph? It is important that when you look at a company’s portfolio, you do not have negative feelings or aversion to the work they do. In other words, if you don’t like their promotional videos, move on to the next video company.

There are many video production companies that carry out amateurish work even after stating that they have years of experience in the field. This is why it is best to work with reputed, credible and established players like fixthephoto video editing services that have an extensive and real portfolio or work which you can choose from. In simple words, what you see based on past client work is what you get when it comes to this business and platform.

4. Words are supported by facts

Often in the header (title) of the site, or when communicating with the video company, you are given promises that you just have to order video advertising and the promotion of your business or product is guaranteed, sales will increase, and the video will pay off. That video is a marketing tool to increase sales. Ask them one simple question: “How do you know this? “. Agree, if a video company is engaged in increasing sales, then it must have some experience in this area.

Accordingly, the Seattle video production company must have some kind of evidence to back up the promises. Even if it is not even numbers or statistics (in the niche of video production, measuring the result in numbers like “was – was” is quite problematic, since there are many factors influencing the work process, although ideally there should be statistics), then at least official customer reviews with signatures and seals should be in any case.

It is important to clarify: these reviews should contain information that the client has really increased sales, there was such a precedent and the client noticed it. If there is no such evidence in fact and the company simply pours water when you ask clarifying questions, the game is not worth the candle; most likely you are simply being deceived.

5. Cost for video company services

Let’s move on to the last criterion – the price of services. It must be admitted that in the video production market this criterion is often vague and incomprehensible, especially for clients. The most important thing that must be done here in advance is to correctly compose the task that you are facing, to correctly draw up the terms of reference. Specify and digitize the entire task.  When communicating with professionals, everything will immediately fall into place – they will ask such questions, when answering which you will quickly understand what exactly you need and what exactly you are going to create.

Provided that the task is clearly formulated, there is a technical assignment for your project – you can proceed to drawing up an estimate. The price should be the market average or maximum 20% higher than the market average. Why is it so? If you are given a price for your technical assignment that is 2 times less than on the market, then this is either a beginner video company (there is a share of freelancers on the market who, in fact, work alone, calling it the phrase “video creation company”, but in fact this is a person orchestra) and such companies work to zero just to build up a portfolio (you have to decide whether to work with newbies or not).

Or they will make you a terrible quality, because they want to make money from you at the same time (they compete on price – not only do they destroy the market, they also create, to put it mildly, not the best product that normal customers are not at all eager to get ). Most likely this is a cat in a mousetrap, so don’t look for a magic pill, friends.

If the price is 20% more (plus or minus), then this is not scary, because some brands may overstate the cost of their services based on the fact that they have a long experience (3-5-10 years on the market), or a large number works in the portfolio (from 100 and more). Or maybe they bring some additional value to the client (which is also important), so the price is justified – whether you overpay or not – decide for yourself, but nothing criminal will happen. If the video company gives any additional bonuses for this, then you will pay the same average price – everything is fine.

But if they offer prices 2 times more expensive than on the market, then they are either in the literal sense of the word hucksters (who do work of the same level that you could get for an average price), or you have fallen into some serious a brand that you may not need (since you will simply overpay for a logo). But it’s up to you to decide.


Friends, choose the right video production company best in the business right now ls wow-how. Before writing this article, decided to put ourselves in your shoes. We sincerely want to help our clients and people who need such services.

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