Escape From Tarkov Review

Escape From Tarkov Detailed Review And Beginner’s Guide

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Escape from Tarkov is probably the best hardcore shooting game you will ever come across. It was released in 2017 and has been the best warzone game since then. The game is set in a fictional setting in the Norvinks regions, where two private military corporations battle for power.

Players have to join either side and participate in raids to loot the opposite team. The game gives an absolute adrenaline rush as survival is the key in it. Once you die, you lose everything you have looted so far. The game has a realistic and depressing setting for a survival simulator looter-shooter game. It comes with RPG multiplayer features. Try EFT cheats to make it more exciting and hassle-free! Well, let’s look into the game review to see if it’s worth your time and the key tips for all beginners.

Escape from Tarkov Review

Escape from Tarkov broke the record of holding 200,000 concurrent players on its platform. The game keeps evolving every year with the latest updates and fantastic fictional setups. It is one of the top 30 most-watched games on Twitch.

It is not like Warzone or Fortnite, but Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore shooting game developed by Russian developers. The game requires survival skills, stealth, and strategy. It is challenging for shooting beginners, but the game gives you a better foundation than Call of Duty.


The game plot revolves around the city of Tarkov, where two aggressive military corporations seek power. The violent locals called the Scavs to fight the corporations for fleeing the city as well as looting them for power.

Different groups are in charge of different areas of the city. The UN and Russian military units are spread all over the place, and there are no communications or supply chains. Everyone needs the ammo and gear to survive, however, you have to find it first.

PMC or Scav

When you boot the game, you can either choose to play the Scav, or the Player created character. PMC is from one of the two military corporations, the United Security (USEC) or BEAR, a Russian organization.

All three organizations have their own set of advantages, cosmetics, and weapons. There is a limit on what you carry based on the role you play. Either way, you can hide your stash in offline hideouts.

Scavs are mostly an AI, and they can shoot both PMC and Scav for shooting gear. It is an exciting game till the chaos sets in and you are trying your best to survive.

Tarkov Maps

There are deploy points on the Tarkov maps, and each deploy point acts as a map that contains a certain number of players. Adding to the challenge and excitement, the map has different time limits and different types of fortune. For example, Customs deploy points can hold up to 7 to 12 players and the time limit for the deploy point is 35 minutes. It has Scav spawn points, boss spawn points, hidden keys, and a treasure chest. Every PMC player has to reach the PMC exit in the map before the time limit to move forward in the game.

Beginner tips

If you are a beginner at playing Escape from Tarkov, here are a few tips you ought to know.

Scav or PMC?

Always choose to be a Scav till you get a hang of the game. It will help you to understand how PMC players play. Being a Scav, you will be assigned random gear, which will give you more experience with the ammo.

Even though PMC is more organized and entertaining, choose Scav till you excel in the game. Later, playing PMC would be even more fun.


Choose a customs map for your first time. It is beginner-friendly as it has fewer Scavs hunting you and not many secrets to discover for the mission. Then you can choose Factory and Reserve for better loot and exciting games.

Always check for the nearest Scav spawn point and avoid boss spawn points. Remember that every raid has a time limit. Keep a constant check on that. In a map, if you die, you lose your entire loot. So it’s better to protect them in Secure containers at the beginning of every raid. Since every map is realistic, you should carry medical supplies, food, water, and armour.


Playing Escape from Tarkov is quite fun and exciting. The entire game is all about survival and how strategically you can loot your opposite teams. Learn to carry what you want for the raid and carry only what you can. Secure your treasures safely and loot some more. The game is definitely worth playing. It is a realistic hardcore shooting game and is perfect for game lovers. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s Raid on!

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