How To Cut Down Advertising Budget With Effective Search Engine Optimization

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Effective search engine optimization can really reduce the amount of money you spend in advertisements as I am going to outline in this article. Before the internet, you had to spend considerable amounts of money to be able to make your products and services known to your potential clients and customers. There were and still are the most common media of advertisement such as newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, posters, billboards to name but a few. The more money you spent, the more audience your ads reached. You then had to have a very compelling pitch in order for your ads to convert into leads.

The internet has changed all that. Even though newspaper ads, TV ads etc still exist today, you have some other media to promote your products and services.

I can’t imagine there is any business these days whether small or big that does not have a website. I can categorically say with confidence that it is unthinkable, irresponsible and almost criminal if you have a business and you don’t have a website. If you don’t, then the earlier you got one, the better.

3 Basic Steps For Internet Exposure Of Your Business

Let us assume that you have a website where you showcase the type of business you are in. Let us also assume that your goal is to make your business as profitable as possible because I am yet to see a business that does not want to generate revenue. That being said, in order to be able to make revenues, you need as many eyes as possible to see your website, read your offers and try to convince them that your offers are just what they wanted. The only way to accomplish this is to drive what in internet terms is known as online traffic to your website. These processes can be complicated as you will see going further in this article. The more reason serious business owners hire the services of SEO agencies to do the work.

The following are the steps that lead to internet exposure.

  1. Setup a website.

  2. Showcase your products/services by filling your website with great and high quality content.

  3. Drive traffic to your website.

As simple as that you may say but the real task and work is just beginning. To set up a website these days is not as complicated as it was years back when you had to learn how to use HTML codes and stuff like that in your website design. Not many people had the knowledge and thus had to hire professionals to do that for them but not after paying exorbitant amounts of money. This is no longer the case with so many web site creation tools. Content Management Systems or Content Management Software has made things a lot easier. Have you heard of Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal? Those are CMS.

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My Discovery Of WordPress

When I started my web development journey, I was building my websites manually writing codes by using notepad as my text editor. The moment I discovered Wordpress, everything changed for the better for me. Now, all my websites are created with Wordpress. The advantages of using Wordpress are many and if I have to list all of them, I will take a whole lot of time. However, one of the most important advantages is that the software is free of charge to download and use. It also has a very large user base as well as tools, themes and plugins that when combined together can really turn out highly professionally designed websites which a cost just a fraction of what they used to be.

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Getting Traffic To Your Website

Now your business website is complete and packed with outstanding content. Unfortunately, nobody will know your website exists unless you let people know that it exists. You do that by driving traffic to your web pages. By traffic, I mean people who surf the internet looking for stuff that interest them.

There are many ways but there are two most common ways to make people visit your website.

  1. Through paid advertisements.

  2. Through the search engines.

The first method is when you pay someone for ad placement. You can pay the search engines to display your ads whenever anybody does a search based on a set of keywords you targeted. This is the fastest method to get traffic. This method is called paid traffic or PPC (Pay Per Click). When someone clicks on your ad, you pay. I am not a fan of this method because it can be extremely expensive depending on your type of business. Also, the moment you stopped paying, your traffic stops. Pay to play kind of thing.

The second method is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. That is when someone does a search in Google for instance. The search returns a list of websites that Google believes are relevant to the searcher’s query. By clicking on the links provided by Google, the searcher navigates further to the website in question. This type of traffic is called Organic traffic. We are going to look into this a little.

Effective SEO Is Long Term And Cost Efficient

When you optimize your website efficiently for the search engines, you will find out that you spend less money on ads and can increase your revenue at just of a fraction of the amount you spend on paid traffic. Another important fact is that if you do your SEO properly, the traffic that comes to your website is on a long term. As long as pages of your website rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), you are sure to be experiencing constant and continuous traffic.

My Advice On SEO

The task of search engine optimization is not an easy one. It takes time but at the end, it really does pay off. There are a set of rules to be followed, the search engines modify and improve their algorithms frequently and most of all, your competition are not sleeping either. Yes, you need time, effort and the know how to be a successful SEO expert.

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