What Are The Best SEO Strategies for SaaS Companies?

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Best SEO Strategies for SaaS Companies

Every business needs an SEO strategy to gain online visibility. Apart from hiring an expert SEO agency for SaaS companies, it will help if you have a robust action plan to rank higher in search engine results. It takes time and consistent efforts to deliver the desired results.

So, take expert help, and here are the best SEO strategies that you can follow.

Define the Target Market

The most imperative thing is to be clear about the market you are targeting. It will determine your SEO strategy, target keywords, and content plan. One of the critical questions you need to ask here is who will use your services.

If your product is a Marketing Automation dashboard, your target audience will be Small and Medium businesses. Other audiences can be marketing specialists and digital agencies. Defining your target market will ensure you will not miss any opportunities in the future during market research.

Research Your Competition

Researching companies offering similar services is a crucial part of SEO strategy. You can use their SEO strategy as a reference while building yours. Some essential points to analyze are:

  • What is their backlink profile?
  • How much content do they have?
  • What SEO strategy do they follow?
  • What is their target market?

While researching your competition and their SEO ideas, identify areas that will make your product/service stand out. It will not only help you generate leads but also carve a niche for your SaaS company.

Get Specific With Keyword Targeting

Proper keyword targeting is essential to gain excellent online visibility for your SaaS Company. When it comes to keywords, you should never target everything. Instead, try to discover where the richest gold vein lies and focus your efforts on extracting it. Analyze the market (keywords) and develop a growth plan to focus on select areas with high traffic potential.

Separate Your Keywords in Clusters

Your service can be applied to various businesses in different industries. As such, the keywords change with the target industry. You can group the keywords in clusters for easy targeting. Here, you would need a separate keyword list for commercial intent and informational intent.

Don’t Ignore Low-Volume Keywords

Some keywords might show only ten searches per month. But, when you combine searches of several low-volume keywords, you can generate significant numbers of leads. Many companies ignore low-volume keywords, but you can benefit by taking a different path.

Pay Attention to Website Frame

The wireframe represents your website structure. The structure of your website shows search engines like Google which pages are essential. It means you can influence which articles will rank highest in Google with your website structure. The ideal site structure will look like a pyramid with multiple levels. According to an experienced SEO agency for SaaS companies, here are some crucial elements of a perfect website structure:

  • Homepage
  • Categories
  • Sub-categories (only for large sites)
  • Individual pages and post

The homepage should always be on the top. It should act as a navigation hub for visitors. The categories pages should contain most content of your website.

Focus on Link-Building

Link-building is an integral part of SEO strategy. It helps establish the domain authority. The more natural links your website has, the more likely that your website will rank in Google’s top search results.

Anchors – You have to focus on achieving a diversified backlink profile. Avoid commercial backlinks. Use branded anchors and keywords equally while creating a back-linking profile.

Host Websites – Every website you are linking should be related to your niche. Carefully choose when linking to websites. Search engines penalize low-quality inbound linking. Look for sites that accept reviews of software and SaaS links.

Content Strategy

You should publish useful content regularly. The content strategy should focus on establishing authority in your niche and increase your rankings. Though the content should be optimized for keywords, it has to be informative as well. Make it easily shareable for maximum traffic.

Focus on Low CTR Pages Too

There will be some pages with a low click-through rate. Pages have a low CTR because they do not satisfy user intent. It is necessary every page on your website should offer valuable information and satisfy user intent. It will improve your search engine rankings.

SEO is an effort that needs to be taken regularly. With a leading SEO agency for SaaS companies, you can plan a long-term strategy to make gains. The SEO strategies discussed above will ensure you take the right steps from the beginning.

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