The Truth About Online Dating: Insights for Love Birds and Singles

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Online dating has helped people to meet, socialize, and start different types of relationships. Meeting in social circles and workplaces is no longer popular since it is a shallow pool of potential matches. If you are currently dating online, you already know how convenient this option can be. Read more from Love Dignity.

Singles who have yet to use online dating are missing a lot. They have the option to use popular dating apps or websites to look for a perfect match. But what is more amazing is the fact that they can focus on a specific type of dating such as casual dating, FWBs, hookups, or serious relationships in both heterosexual or homosexual categories.

But even with all this, there are deep ugly truths about online dating that many people do not know. Whether you are already using it or are single and planning to take this route, here is what you need to know.

Profiles Have Lies

Who doesn’t want to look appealing? Many people often lie on their user profiles to attract requests. According to OpinionMatters, a global research agency, over 35% of people who use online dating have lied on their profiles. It is even more surprising that over 20% of people used past photos of when they were younger.

Additionally, 40% of men lied that they have invested or did various things to give an impression of financial stability. If you are about to start dating online, bear in mind that you may encounter a lot of lies.

Online Dating Is Almost Synonymous with Sex

There is often a mentality that people who are dating online are looking for sex as a priority. If this is what you are after, you probably are looking for casual relationships, hookups, or FWBs. But there are many singles who want to settle down with a mature person for companionship, and sex will come thereafter.

When you start using online dating, you may meet people who will ask for sex on the first date or before you even meet physically. You should not be surprised since online dating is almost synonymous with sex.

Casual Dating Is Widespread

It is a no-brainer that casual dating is the most common type of online dating today. It is easier to get leads for FWBs and hookups on dating apps than to get matched with a partner for a serious relationship. In this case, you might be interested to hop over to this site to learn more about casual dating for lesbians.

The main reason why online dating is mostly for casual dating is the convenience it provides to those who want to have hookups daily or maintain multiple FWBs relationships at the same time. This happens mostly with young people who do not want responsibilities and love spending a lot of time online socializing to the extent that it has become a culture.


This is the ugly truth about online dating, and it is time that singles understand it. Take advantage of every situation to favor your online dating goals today. All the best!

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