How To Get Employees On Board With A New Time Clock App

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Running a team is no easy task; you have to work with many people, all with different communication levels. If you are thinking of switching to an employee time clock app, it may be one of the best ways to manage your team. However, it can be a struggle to get everyone on board with the new program. Not everyone will feel comfortable switching to a new time clock solution, and some may be intimidated by the transition. As a business owner or manager, your job is to help make this process easier.

There are so many reasons you should make the switch to a time clock app. This software will help boost team morale, take less time for you to do payroll, and help with scheduling issues. Adopting this tool can make managing your team much easier and give them more freedom.

We have come up with a few easy things you can do to help this transition move forward. If you are worried, don’t be! Here are some tips you can adopt to help get the team members on board. Firstly, explain your decision, show the new system, test it out, and get feedback. If you’re feeling overwhelmed still, keep reading, and we will go further into detail.

Steps To Help Your Employees Accept This Transition

There are a few easy ways you can help your team get adjusted. Before springing anything on them, you should always host a team meeting to discuss why you are making the switch. You can also ask for ideas and things they want to see implemented in the business.

Explain The Situation

Open communication is one thing you should focus on as a team leader. Outlining why you want to make the switch will be crucial to getting your team on board. During the first meeting, you can also explain what you hope it will bring to the team and let them know why you’re choosing the time clock app.

You’ll want to outline the benefits that using a timekeeper app can provide to employees. This could include more accurate tracking of work hours, which leads to more accurate paychecks. Employees will have more flexibility and accountability when it comes to time tracking. They can control the process, and management would only need to intervene when necessary. Figure out what’s essential to your employees and relay how a time clock app could address those crucial issues.

Testing The Product

Before you sign a contract for the new software, you can ask for a trial of some form. This allows you to have your team test the online timecard system. It will help your workers understand what will change, how the app can help them, and give them a sense of control over the situation.

The product you choose should be user-friendly and allows employees to track time with minimal oversight or managerial input. If the time clock app you select is complicated or has a cluttered interface, getting employees to accept it will be all the more challenging. Trials can provide you with a good understanding of how easy or complicated the time attendance clock is to use and whether or not it would be worth the investment.

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Ask For Honest Feedback

When you implement a change and have your team test the new process, ask them for feedback. This allows your team to feel like they can trust you and can help you understand if this will be a good change or not. Listen openly and take their constructive criticism to see what you can change.

Suppose the feedback you receive is overwhelmingly negative. In that case, it may be time to try other time clock solutions until you can find one that meets your business needs but is also widely accepted by your employees.

Try A Few At A Time

Once you’ve found a solution that meets your needs and your employees like using it, next comes implementation. If you work in a big company, it can be hard to implement a new system in all departments. Try to do one department at a time to help get everyone adjusted slowly. This will help others know when it is coming and see positive feedback to help them make the switch.

Once you’ve determined the best way to implement your new time clock app, you can then begin rollout department by department, or if you’re confident, you can do a company-wide rollout.

Final Thoughts

There are many options for choosing an employer time clock app,all that do different things and have various features. Depending on what you need to focus on to manage a business will determine the software you choose. By implementing a modern time tracking solution, you will gain a competitive edge that other companies do not use such tools.

When your entire team gets on board, it will help them feel closer and work better together. You will want to ensure you get honest feedback from your team and understand which employee time clock app is the best option.

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