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How To Create A Budget-Friendly Mini Golf Course In Your Yard

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Some people are hesitant to play golf because of the perception that it is an expensive sport. Well, you do need to factor in the cost of golf equipment, like clubs, balls, and other accessories. And then there’s also a rental fee for playing on the golf course. With all that cost, it’s no surprise why some people would prefer to play a different sport instead. However, there are many budget-friendly ways to pursue golf, and one is to create a miniature golf course in the comforts of your home.

You can spruce it up and build a golf course from scratch if your yard has enough space. After all, golf is an excellent activity for bringing together the entire family. You can train your kids early on to improve their physique and coordination, all while sharing great bonding moments through the sport. Building your own mini golf course will yield more excellent outcomes for you and your family—making it worth the initial cost!

Here’s how you can create a budget-friendly mini golf course in your own backyard:

Golf Course

  • Prep The Materials You Need 

Before starting this miniature golf project, it’s essential to set a budget and prepare all the materials you need. You need to start with the basics, like acquiring golf clubs and balls. As for the construction of the course, you need to invest in durable materials. List down everything you need. You can refer to videos and other resources online to avoid missing out on any necessary equipment or instruction.

To build the platforms where the holes will be, you need sturdy plywood. You will also need a handsaw, hammer, and nails to create these platforms. Now, you need to create holes for the golf balls to land. The wooden platforms you just made will require a few more tools to cut holes in them. The best tool for this job is a drill. You need to poke through the wood with the drill bit and push it through. Make sure to drill the hole based on the shape or form you made.

You will need golf accessories once you have finished designing your golf course and have incorporated obstacles of your choice. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on golf equipment and accessories, as there are many shops to find surplus and preloved golf items. You could even find a used electric golf cart to save on costs. If you need the right golf equipment for your college team, you can check out Shop Team Golf, as every champion college golf team starts with the right gear.

  • Choose A Golf Course Design And Start To Build 

It’s necessary to decide the design of the golf course you’re making in your backyard. You can experiment and think out of the box, but a good option is to use the cornhole set.

You can check out golf stores near you and find some ready-made cornhole sets that you can use. This might be the best material since the board already has a golf hole, so the ball will land on them perfectly. You just need to display these in the right corners of your backyard. Check out The Left Rough for best golf mat.

To recreate a more realistic golf course in your yard, you can use plywood to design a ramp. This needs to be connected to the ground and the cornhole board. If you have the skills, you can do the basic carpentry work and prepare a runway for the golf ball to land on the cornhole set. Some other materials you can consider using are artificial grasses and turfs. If you have a lawn, you can employ a lawn service to ensure your golf course will be properly maintained.

  • Incorporate Accents And Other Details 

Now that you’re done building and designing your miniature golf course, you can go over the accents and think about adding more accessories. You can make the golf experience for your family more legit when you’re equipped with the same devices you can find in actual golf courses. For instance, you can add an outdoor drink cart. This won’t have to be expensive as you can simply invest in a cooler box with rollers. You can then place some cold drinks into the cooler and enjoy a few drinks in-between golf rounds. This will make you feel like you’re playing on a legit golf course.

The next thing you want to prepare is the atmosphere or vibe. One great idea is to incorporate background music. Check out your backyard and assess where you can install outdoor speakers. Another alternative is to place temporary speakers whenever you’re playing golf. Lastly, consider your outdoor lighting and use LED lights for the golf course. This is particularly useful if your free time is usually during the late afternoon or evening. Having your mini course lit up will make it possible for a great evening golf game.


Creating a mini golf course is one of the best things you can do with your yard. This project can be budget-friendly as long as you follow the tips above and gather equipment at a reasonable price. Playing golf with your family is a great way to unwind and create beautiful memories together. It’s also a great activity that your guests will surely enjoy!

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