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Why Do We Love Taylor Swift & Her Music So Much

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‘Super generous, and the one who always keeps it real in spite of all the backlash.’

‘She is our favorite cat lover, providing us with quality cat content.’

‘Her music is the solace to our lonely nights,’

These are some of the amazing words and phrases which have come from some of the ardent Swifties out there, and we cannot help but agree with them. This Sagittarius is shaking pop culture with her phenomenal lyrics, melodious voice, and, most importantly, the stories she tells through her songs.

She is our relatable queen, and if you are not a swiftie yet, then just listen through any of her albums, and you will find something so relatable to your life that you would never want to go back to.

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Recently this legend was also awarded the ‘Woman Of The Decade’ award, and her fans were teary-eyed with happiness.

Because she totally deserved it!

Who Is Taylor Swift?

In case you are not a Swiftie, then do not worry. This article with some of the songs will definitely turn you into one.

So, if you do not know who Taylor Swift is, then here is a brief description of her. Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Pennsylvania. She is our favorite country singer who had the courage to come to L.A, and her talent with zeal helped her to rise to fame.

She is one of the best-selling singers in the pop culture industry and has given us a compilation of fourteen albums, and they have sold more than 114 billion copies since her active years.

The internet would call her song, ‘Country Ethereal,’ but the true fans will know that this pop queen has a very versatile talent.

If she is able to give us ‘Love Story,’ she can also give us ‘ Shake It Off.’

However, we are going ahead of ourselves; let us understand why we all love this pop queen.

Reason Why We Love T-Swift (Why You Should Do!)

Ask any Swiftie, and these are some of the reasons they will give you for loving Taylor Swift.

1. She Motivates Us

She is the real motivator of the pop industry because she always keeps it real. If we talk about her, hit numbers like ‘Mean’ or ‘If I Were A Man,’ which talk about the harsh reality of the discriminatory reality and how having the right perseverance would help you slice through it.

All you need is that sharp willpower!

Besides, she motivates many people, especially children, to explore their musical talents. It is often a challenge to know when to start piano lessons and thrive. But exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words.

2. Her Songs Has A Relatability

This is the best thing about hearing Taylor Swift songs, you can play any of the albums at any time, and suddenly they are all about your life.

It could be something as beautiful as ‘Folklore’ when you remember the one that got away with a sublime nostalgia, or something like ‘Lover’ when you just know you are in love.

Or a bad breakup, and all you wish to listen to is ‘Red.’

3. She Teaches Us Never To Be Dependent On A Boy

Yes, Taylor Swift is known for many things, but if there is one thing which we all love, our queen is definitely the breakup songs. It is probably the most relatable thing which we are getting from the singer.

They not only allow us to get all our anger out, get that last ounce of closure, and teach us never to be dependent on a man.

4. She Loves The Number 13

This might not be something why the Swifties love her, but the passionate ones are. Thirteen has always been the unlucky number of the supernatural. However, through several interviewers, the pop queen has managed to give us hints on how the number 13 is not just her favorite number but also her lucky one.

Isn’t that witchy!

She Loves Her Fans!

Lastly, this is one of the best things which should make you a Swiftie right away. Did you know that whenever she is launching an album? She scouts through the internet and looks for some of her most ardent fans.

Then they are invited for a ‘Secret Hearing Session’ in her house.

She even baked cookies!

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