Escape from Tarkov 101

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What new and/or returning players need to know

Escape from Tarkov is a realistic shooter game made by Battlestate Games. Players have to raid a location, pick up valuable objects (such as bitcoin Tarkov), and get to an extraction point in a set amount of time. Of course, everything wouldn’t be that easy. Scavs mill about these locations and some are even stronger than normal ones. The latter don’t really roam around the map, but unless geared properly, the right thing to do is run from them.

Other than Scavs, other players also explore the map. They, too, are threats to be wary of. Aside from raids, there’s the hideout, vendors, and the flea market to deal with. Here are some tips to increase your chances of getting to escape successfully.

Raiding Tips

Insure your stuff

Always insure your stuff when you can. You’ll get it back after a bit of a wait, so the money spent on insurance can be worth it. This includes insured items you dropped yourself or upon death. You don’t get back what you got during the raid, but at least you get your gear back. Just be careful you don’t end up MIA else your insured items don’t return. Neither the Therapist nor Prapor will insure items if you’re going to run the Lab.

Only bring what you can bear to lose

No matter how good you are, there is always someone better. That means you can expect to die in any run you participate in, so only bring what you can bear to lose. If you bring something valuable to a run and you die, you’ll regret bringing whatever it was to the run. Insured items don’t come back if it’s looted by another player, so it’s really gone for good.

Run maps offline

For every new map added, run it offline. Get to know its ins and outs, possible hiding places, and extraction points. Mark where notable loot is likely to spawn, and where Scav bosses lurk. Know the map inside and out. By the time you start running that location online, your familiarity with the map will give you an edge against other players. Knowing alternate extraction points lets you avoid the scramble for more commonly used ones. That means safer, more successful runs. It can help to have maps open on your phone or second screen for a refresher.

Do Scav runs

Every 15-20 minutes, you can run raids as a Scav. This is an easy way to get more items and gear and is incredibly low risk. Nothing is preventing you from running them every time they’re available, but it shouldn’t replace you running regular PMC raids. Use it as a warm-up, or to recoup a loss. Some players even have strategies that allow them to earn money with these runs.


With threats coming from all over, you have to be vigilant. Movements and even aiming and reloading all make noise that allows Scavs or other players to detect where you are. Thankfully, if they can hear you, you should hear them. Be aware and listen for these telling noises.

Scav behavior

Scavs will always go in the direction of a gunshot sound. In a wide-open space such as the Woods, run away as soon as you finish killing a Scav. More are sure to come barreling toward where you were. You can shoot these newcomers, but don’t linger too long until you’re sure the coast is clear.

Stock up on painkillers

These meds let you ignore a broken limb (i.e. your leg) so you’re not limping toward an extraction point. You’re an easy target as you limp since other players will think you’re near death. By taking painkillers, you can bluff your health, making others feel a bit warier of attacking you. Other meds will also be useful, but you should strike a balance between bringing consumables and leaving empty space for loot.

Go slow

Rushing a map will let you encounter more players, especially those high-geared ones trying to maximize their rouble-per-seconds. With lower-tier gear, you’re no match for them. Trying will only get you killed and cut your raid short. Don’t be afraid to wait around for places to clear out of players. Sure, most of the locations will be picked clean, but you can still check out some things they left behind. It’s going to be slow, but at least you’re not empty-handed after a raid.

What About Your Hideout?

It’s the most recent addition to the game. It provides various resources and features as you upgrade its functions. You can ignore it if it’s not your thing, but you’ll be missing out on being able to craft your own meds, farm bitcoins, or even have your very own storage space. You can upgrade that last one for even more space, and then make it even bigger with containers. An example would be the Lucky Scav Junkbox. It also provides some healing for your PMC character, without using consumables or meds.

In the end, as you progress, you’ll discover the mechanics behind bullet penetration and which armors to bring. You’ll also discover what guns and ammo you prefer using. It’s a process to become a veteran in the game, so don’t worry about it if you feel your progress is slow. Just keep persevering and eventually, you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.

Have fun playing Escape from Tarkov!

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