How to Play PC Games Comfortably on the Sofa 

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Few people think of a sofa when they hear about creating an environment for PC games. Most people would imagine a flashy “battle station” consisting of a gaming desk and chairs that are perfect for sitting down and playing games.

If you just want to enjoy a simple video game online on your PC, you must try Sagame. It is a popular game that will bring you top-notch mysterious and adventures plot.

However, now that many office workers continue to work from home in a pandemic, work and ” Apex Legends “It’s not a good idea to have “” at the same desk. That’s where the sofa comes in. The first game that comes out on the sofa is a home video game console that plays wirelessly facing the TV. Microsoft and Sony have each launched new consoles with compelling specs that allow players to immerse themselves in the gaming world from the sofa. But if you have a PC, you have a wider choice of “games on the sofa”.

Next-generation game consoles are surprisingly high-performance. But when you think about it, it’s a kind of mini PC that specializes in maximizing software performance. In fact, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, said in a June interview with the US version of WIRED, “I don’t use a keyboard or mouse or compose emails, but I don’t use home video game consoles. The usage is similar to that of a PC. ”

Certainly, if you buy a next-generation game console that costs $ 300 to $ 500, you’ll enjoy the best gaming experience on the sofa. But if you already have a gaming PC, you might be able to get the same experience just by buying a very long HDMI cable.

This is a very serious proposal. If you sit on the sofa and enjoy PC games, you can play more types of games, the playing environment will be more comfortable, and you may be able to enjoy more powerful performance.

How to Connect a PC and a TV

Unlike home video game consoles, there is no standard way to enjoy PC games on the sofa. In 2013, Valve made a device called “Steam Machine”And launched a grand strategy to replace home video game consoles with PCs. This Steam Machine was a game console-like device that runs on Valve’s proprietary Linux-based OS “Steam OS.” When the machine didn’t ring and didn’t fly, Valve released “Steam Link,” which allows PC games to be streamed to the TV.

Although the hardware at that time was highly praised for its versatility and reliability, it ended up being discontinued in 2018 (main unit and software support is still ongoing). However, the situation without a standard system can be considered an opportunity. This is because PC gamers can build their own familiar system.

This time around 25 feet to move the gaming environment from chair to sofa. I decided to use an HDMI cable with a length of 6m) and a price of $ 16 (about 1,670 yen). By using this cable, I connected my gaming PC, which I also use for work, to a wall-mounted Sony TV. Opposite the TV is a messy but comfortable sofa. It’s awkward to see the cable, but it doesn’t make delay a problem. If your favorite TV is out of reach of an HDMI cable, you’ll need to make it wireless. Some of the PC gamers I talked to were getting used Steam Link or buying the software on eBay.

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