Tips For Making Money While Moving To A New House

Tips For Making Money While Moving To A New House

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It’s no secret that moving can be quite expensive, especially if you’re doing a household relocation. You probably have to pay for several things such as packing supplies, moving truck rental, and even the rate of your professional movers. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to save some money on your move, but it would be much better if you know how to make money during this transition. Fortunately, there are many ways to do that.

So, keep reading this article to learn more about the tips for making money while moving to a new house.

Organize A Garage Sale

Typically, moving can be an excellent opportunity to get rid of all your unwanted stuff and reduce the weight of your boxes. Hence, if you’re moving to Manhattan and other metropolitan cities, hold a garage sale to dispose of all your unnecessary things before your relocation day.

To make sure your garage sale will be a success, below are some tips to consider from the get-go:

Advertise your sale – First and foremost, you should advertise your garage sale properly to inform your neighborhood about the items you’re selling. You can do this by printing flyers and posters and giving them out to your neighbors and passers-by. If you’re tech-savvy, you can post an advertisement on social media, telling them about your sale.

Organize your items for sale properly – One of the best ways to make your garage sale successful is to organize your items properly. This means you should determine which items would most likely become sellable at a reasonable price. Once you’re done, you can hold it in a way that people will walk through your items and check everything before making a purchase.

Be open for a bargain – Selling unused items during a move can be a great way to make money. But, you can get the most out of this activity when you know how to bargain. Thus, if your customer requests for a lower price, then consider accepting it to close a good deal.

Sell Electronics

If you find yourself keeping old but functional smartphones, tablets, or laptops in your storage but you don’t want to bring them with you, it’s better to dispose of them and make extra money. You can do this by looking at some local pawn shops and try to pledge them there. Another option is to sell them via online shops as they might have a good selling offer to you.

However, if you change your mind and want to take them to your new house in Manhattan, you need to pack them carefully to ensure their safety. During this kind of situation, hiring a reliable moving company Manhattan can be the best thing you can do to keep these valuable items safe throughout the process.

Sell Your Appliances And Furniture

Having large kitchen appliances can be extremely costly to move, and it comes with the possibility of getting them damaged while in transit. To avoid unnecessary hassle, it’s best to have your appliances sold before the moving day. You can get at least 40% of the original price of the appliances when you sell them on your own. Although this isn’t a huge income as it is, you can still make some money out of it.

Aside from the appliances, you can also opt to sell your antique furniture piece, especially if you think moving them can be more challenging and costly. Instead of dressing yourself out on how to transfer them without breaking your bank account, have them sold immediately. Many online marketplaces allow you to sell your items at reasonable prices.

However, if you want to sell your furniture in a consignment store, you can do so. Generally, most consignment stores will take your items and have them sold at 30% of the original price. Since you ask them to sell the items for you, you’d only get half of what they earn from the sale. Therefore, if you need help in taking your furniture pieces in a consignment store in Manhattan, contact professionals like Manhattan movers NYC for help. They’re available to help you move your stuff from one place to another safely and efficiently.


If you can bear to part with your unused belongings, you’ll have better chances of earning extra money even if you’re moving. Thus, don’t hesitate to use this guide to help you with this money-making process. By doing this, you’d not only cut down your things and save some boxes, but you’d also be able to make some money in a short time.

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