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Best Free Google Index Tool Available Online | KulFiy
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Best Free Google Index Tool Available Online

It is important to know what Google Indexing is and why website owners have to give so much importance to it. By going through an example, we can get a better interpretation of this.

Consider that you have designed a website but it has not been indexed on Google. When people search for something that matches your services, your website would not be displayed among the list of results.

This is simply because your website would not be indexed. Through crawling and indexing, a new website is added to the Google database.

Similarly, if a website has altered a page or replaced one, it would be saved to the Google database.

The crawling and indexing procedures

For any website owner, it is important to understand what crawling and indexing are. New websites are added to the Google database every now and then.

Google bots play the most important role in this relation. They search for websites that have been newly launched or the ones that have undergone changes. The newly designed websites are added to the Google database and the ones which have been modified.

The crawling and indexing processes take place regularly. When a new website is developed, it has to be added to the Google set of records so that people can view it. Websites or web pages that are not indexed cannot be viewed by users.

Importance of selecting quality google index tool

Whether you are seeking a tool for indexing or any other purpose, quality is important. The internet is full of scam tools and users figure this out when they start using it. Check the reputation of a tool before you start using it.

If you figure out that most people have not provided positive feedbacks about a tool, do not use it. Look for better options so that you do not have to feel sorry about your decision.

Ping URLs & Website Tool by Prepostseo

It is a fact that Google bots crawl and add new websites to the search engine database. How does pinging come into play and provide benefits for the user. The purpose of pinging is nothing but notifying Google that a new website has been designed or has undergone major changes.

The Prepostseo ping backlinks tool is one of the best options you can consider in this relation. Here are some essential and incomparable benefits which this tool has to offer.

1. Multiple URL’s can be added at a time

  • Consider that you have ten URL’s for which search engines have to be pinged. One way to do is this is entering one URL at a time and then moving on to the next one. This would consume immense time and effort. Users of the Prepostseo URLs ping tool do not have to go through so much inconvenience.

This tool allows you to add 50 URL’s in total and 10 URL’s can be added at the same time. Along with that, you can ping more than 65 search engines at the same time. These practices accelerate the pinging process and websites are added quickly to the search engine databases.

2. Free tool with no payment required

If you check most tools used for adding websites to search engine databases, they have certain hidden conditions. Extraction of payment is one of them.

You may be able to use the tool for free for some time but after that, the usage cannot be continued. This is when the user has to pay for purchasing a complete version.

  • The best thing about the Prepostseo tool is that there is no application of charges. The tool is completely free and there are no restrictions on the number of times it can be used. In other words, you can add as many URL’s as you want without making any payments.

It is one of the most ideal options for website owners. They can ping multiple URL’s to several search engines without spending any money. This tool is 100% free and there are no hidden terms and conditions in this relation.

3. Fast results with easy interface

A tool with a complicated interface can prove to be a problem. If the user does not carry advanced technical knowledge, he can face issues while using the tool.

The Prepostseo tool is very simple to use and any user can use it without inconveniences. The options are very easy and users simply have to complete few steps.

  • To use the tool, you have to enter the URL addresses in the provided text box. A maximum of 10 URL addresses can be added at a time. After that, click the “Ping Now” button. This is when the search engines would be pinged.
  • Do you know that your website would not get any traffic until your website has been indexed properly? Most website owners do not know about this fact. If a website is not indexed by google index tool, people do not view it when they execute a search.

As people cannot view a website, they are unable to visit it as well. This simply means that there would be no traffic on the website. In an overall manner, the website would lose business if it has not been indexed.

  • With so many websites being created and modified on regular basis, search engines overlook a lot of them. This is where website owners have to work with a careful approach. By using the Prepostseo tool, they can modify the users about their website creation or changes.


Creating a website is not enough to get traffic and generate business. To get traffic, you have to be sure that your website is added to the search engine database. If your website is not indexed, it would not have any incoming traffic.

When you ping search engines, it is a notification that a website has to be added. Even if a search engine has overlooked your website and it has not been crawled properly, it would be identified after the pinging process has been completed.


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