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Avoid these mistakes to reduce your electricity bill in Chennai

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If you live in Chennai, you become really familiar with high temperatures. Sun, sand, and sea – that’s what this city is known for. But when you have to survive the heat by constantly turning on the fans and air conditioners in your single room for rent in Chennai, your electricity bill is going to soar as well. And ultimately your wallet will pay the price. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use a few tips to help reduce your electricity bills and expenditure without having to suffer the heat. So, check out our invaluable tips and tricks and avoid the usual mistakes so you can save on your electricity consumption. Your wallet and the environment will both be grateful.

Embrace Natural Lighting

One of the key mistakes that people make is leaving the light on at all times. We get it. When you’re shut up in your AC room all day, it’s easy to draw the curtains and forget that the rest of the world exists. But all that artificial lighting is adding to your eye strain, claustrophobia, and of course, your electricity bill. Instead, draw your curtains back and allow the natural light to come in. Chennai has plenty of sunlight thankfully, so you won’t have to worry about insufficient lighting. Set your desk up by a window so that you can see better. And when you do need to use the lights, make sure that you’re switching up your incandescent bulbs for LEDs that are cheaper and more energy-efficient. If you want fairy lights to add to your home aesthetics, consider battery-powered ones that will cost you a lot less.

Let your Devices Drain

Are you one of those people who hate to see their phone or laptop battery drain? Well, if you’re countering that by keeping your devices plugged in 24×7, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Not only is this habit a huge electricity drain that’s costing you money, but it’s also putting undue pressure on your phone and laptop batteries. This could lead to damage and prevent your devices from working altogether. Instead, it’s a good practice to let your devices drain completely once in a while. Plug them in to charge only when they need it and unplug once they’ve been restored. Invest in fast chargers so that you’re able to recharge your devices during mealtimes instead of leaving them plugged in overnight. You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes to your gadget’s health and electricity bill.

Control the Temperature

Yes, we’ve already been over the heat in Chennai, and we know that the air conditioner in your single BHK for rent in Chennai is probably working overtime. And you need it to be comfortable, so that’s okay. But just because you’re not feeling the heat doesn’t mean the same for your electricity bill. And we’re not asking you to sweat it out either. Instead, look at the temperature on your air conditioner and consider changing it, even if it’s only by a few degrees. Your goal should be comforting, not recreating the Arctic tundra. Greater the temperature difference that your AC has to cover between the indoors and outdoors, the larger the energy consumption. So, if you’re under your blanket at 18 degrees, consider turning the temperature up a few degrees so that you’re comfortable but able to give the thermostat a bit of a break too. A minor change in your ambient temperature, a major change to your electricity bill.


We’re not just talking about your phone or laptop now. Take a look around your flat and notice how many devices you have plugged in and switched on, even if you’re not using them. The most common culprits here tend to be phone chargers, televisions, kitchen appliances, hairdryers, and so on. And if these devices are plugged in, they’re sneaking away some valuable energy and your hard-earned money at the same time, without you even realizing it. So, make it a habit to switch off and unplug devices that are not in use. You can ensure that you keep them just next to the plug point so that you minimize any inconvenience, but even this small step can make a huge difference to your electricity consumption.

So, there you have it. Saving money on your electricity bills isn’t as difficult as you think. You can use these tips to make some effortless changes and build easy habits to help you save money and energy. So go on, a more energy-efficient future awaits you!

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