Is Solar the Future in Gold Coast

Is Solar the Future in Gold Coast?

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Sun is the most important energy source. It emits a lot of power onto Earth which is enough for each human being in the world. The most powerful renewable source of energy is Sun. However, it is still not fully used to its potential. In 2018 a little less than 2% of source of energy was the sun. In the past, harvesting solar energy was expensive and not so efficient. Since the year 2000, due to the advancement of the technology, the amount of power collected from the solar energy has increased 300 times. Now, due to decreased cost of the solar equipment’s and the improvement in the technology helped the increase of power collection from the sun.

Growth Trajectory

Many people in US are employed at the US Solar Industry and contribute to billions of dollars and help in the economic value. In the end of the year 2019. There were 2 million PV solar systems installed which had a solar capacity of 71,300MW and generated 100TWh of electricity. In the year 2018, 1.5% was solar energy of the total U.S electricity which was produced. By the year 2050 solar PV is expected to grow the fast and will cover mos of the world.

Many solar grids have provided half of the power demand for the whole state. The PV solar panels capacity is expected to rise in the next five years as there are couple of grid interconnection projects which are in full swing in California to Texas. Hence you can be rest assured that the solar installer job is the fastest growing job with an annual wage of approx. $42,000.

Now a days, you might also find a new traction which is gaining a lot of fame which is paring solar systems with energy storage. There are grids which have been able to absorb solar energy from the solar PV output and still have option for more.  If it is a bright sunny day and there are many solar panels installed in one location, it will generate so much energy that it can negate the price of electricity for the whole state.

However, you might need to power up the other solar plants as the demand of electricity the solar panels may have lowered its output. So, pairing solar panels and energy storage might be resourceful. You might find that energy storage prices are very high as it needs to shift a huge load of energy around.

Solar Energy Everywhere

Now a day’s solar energy is used everywhere by it a freeway or a parking. It is becoming very common to use solar installations because of the advancement in technology. Because of the advancements of the solar energy it has opened the door to a variety of options where the implementation can be done as quoted by solar Gold Coast Green Spark.

Floating Solar Farms

China has space constraints hence they have opted for installation of solar panels on water. In 2017 they started the world’s first solar farm which was capable of powering 15,000 houses.


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