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An Online MBA in 2021: Be ready to jump into the bandwagon 

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The coming of internet 4.0 has made it mandatory for management professionals to have high levels of digital skills. An online MBA prepares students for that, with a rigorous curriculum and a blended model of education. Compared to a regular MBA, it has several advantages, and as a result, it is the go-to course for many B-school aspirants today.

After the Covid 19 pandemic, education has undergone drastic changes all over the world. The rise of online education is a phenomenon that has been observed globally. It has enabled students to reap the advantages of an online MBA from the comfort of their homes. Indeed, the discrimination in value between online and offline courses has vanished.

Thus, those wondering whether an online MBA would be a good choice should know that now is the best time to go for it. In this article, we’re going to discuss how an online MBA can add significant value to your career right away.

Things that make an online MBA special

  • Multidisciplinarity

One of the most remarkable differences between an online and regular MBA is the integration of digital skills. Previously, the thrust was elsewhere, and when it came to digital skills, MBA courses focused on only the basics. With the data revolution changing business practices, this has become an outdated practice.

Now, one needs high levels of data skills that can be leveraged to make better business decisions. As a result, an online MBA will have many elements of an MCA course and candidates will be required to learn advanced computing to an extent. While it has made the coursework difficult, the advantages of the skills are clear as daylight.

The benefits are especially visible when students pass out and join the job market. Thus, multidisciplinarity has come in online MBAs which has significantly boosted the student’s prospects in the job market.

  • Flexibility

Another feature of online MBA is the remarkable amount of dynamism it offers. Often in regular MBAs students have to take up accommodation in a metro city, which can be quite expensive. For working professionals, it means leaving their jobs to fulfill their B-school dream. An online MBA course can free students of such pressures and allow them to complete the course at their convenience.

You can attend the course from anywhere in the country, and get access to all the facilities without having to move. The cost of education will also be lower as you don’t have to pay for hostel and food. Students often worry about internships – whether or not it is feasible with an online degree. It must be noted that there’s no difference between regular and online MBA when it comes to internships.

However, you may have to be present at the office and that will require travel and accommodation at the location. Other than that, you can complete the course at your own pace with a greater degree of freedom.

  • Dynamism

BBA courses are highly dynamic in nature, and it is something that regular courses cannot boast of. Like an MCA course, in online MBA candidates get to learn the most up-to-date curriculum. If it falls behind, the course is likely to lose a lot of value. Thus, in the course, candidates get to study a plethora of the latest theories and case studies.

The expanse of the syllabus covers a plethora of learning materials that go beyond the traditional texts. The focus is on hands-on learning through practical application that makes students ready for the new age industry. Thus, an online MBA allows you to leverage hands-on learning tailored to meet individual needs.

It is by far a better choice in today’s time, especially for aspirants who are looking for an upgrade in their professional profile.  No matter which industry you want to join, an online MBA will make your chances better at a much lower cost.


Clearly, now is the best time to jump into the bandwagon of digitally enabled distance education. It is commonly believed that face-to-face education is the best choice a student can get. But that perception is changing rapidly as top colleges like Symbiosis and Sunstone Eduversity launch online MBA programs. Having that badge can do wonders for your career, so don’t waste time thinking and seize the day here and now!

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