Cool Stairway Lighting Ideas

8 Scintillating Stairway Lighting Ideas

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Lighting plays an important role in our house, workplace, or any other building. It is important in all sections of our home to make it appealing and glitzy.

But, usually, most people are more concerned about different lighting systems in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces and forget about the stairways. So, call the professionals in your area like the electrician Central Coast and install perfect lighting fixtures at your stairways.

Now, you’ll say that what is the need for special lighting for the staircase, but actually there is. Here, we are going to discuss various stairways lighting ideas. Just like a hallway, your staircase also requires some attentio n. Read the following different lighting options that you might consider.

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1. Solar Step Lights

Solar step lights are even easier to install as they don’t need to be wired, and they have no operating cost, just the upfront cost of the fixtures themselves.

They do, however, need access to sunlight so the solar panels can collect the energy from the sun during the day, which is stored in the battery.

These solar lights are available in a few different colors, the most popular being white, amber, or blue. The solar step also lights very low maintenance and it should last a long time.

To install solar step lights at your home, call the reliable electrician who is ready to serve anytime like central coast emergency electrician and install solar light this weekend at your home.

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2. Chandeliers For stairways

This is somewhat similar to the Beacon lighting fixture, but in this, you would be installing the lights in the staircase and not in the adjacent wall.

Like on a wooden staircase, you can install the lights on the edges. If chandeliers hanging over the stairs fail to work, then call an experienced electrician like Central Coast electrical contractors.

3. Recessed Lighting

Most homeowners will opt for more practical lighting like recessed lights. These types of light fixtures are installed on the vertical riser of the stair, and all the wiring is hidden under the deck out of view.

They work really well and will not be in the way as they mount flush. This is something that many people are choosing these days, and it has a very nice look, whether inside or outside, so you would probably be happy with this option as well.

4. Hanging Light fixtures

You can use pendant lights that provide a feeling of royalty and looks luxurious for hanging near your staircase. If it is circular, then you can buy a magnificent pendant light that will cover both the floors of the staircase. If you are into shiny and glittery things, then you can go for a crystal hanging lighting fixture.

5. Tiny Light Fixtures

Tiny lights also a good option for stair lights. With this, you can save some areas too in a significant way. This is functional and stylish both for sober home decor. Pot lights are an option, but they are not the most common because of the simple fact that they are not the best for this type of lighting.

Something that many people have been using recently is the motion-detecting lighting, which turns on and off based on the motion in the immediate area. This can be a great feature, depending on your needs.

6. Flight stairways

These will be additional stair lights, just install the lights on the side walls with a distance of four blocks in between them. They will appear like little celebrities. They are posh and subtle, and they will style your staircase in a sleek way.

Therefore, to install flight stairways, it is recommended to call experienced professionals like emergency services central coast electrician.

7. LED Step Lights

LED step lights or LED rope lights are some popular types of stairway lighting. Because LED lights are efficient, they offer a low operating cost, and they are low maintenance to use. There are a number of kits available offering different features like colored lights that you can change with the use of a controller. They are relatively easy to install, and they will last a long time.

8. Beacon Light Stairways

This may look amazing for sure. Just install few lights into the wall adjacent to the stairs. The number of lights will be according to the size of the staircase. Usually, 3 to 4 lights are enough. You can go for the rectangular-shaped lights, and they match perfectly with any staircase.

Also, try to match up with the decor pattern of your staircase, and the lights will integrate flawlessly into the home decor.

Final Words

The most obvious and most important benefit of using these types of outdoor lights is that they will illuminate the steps making it easier to use them at night without fear of tripping. They can easily be used on stairs leading up to a deck, patio, or entryway.

Because they tend to light portions of paths leading to some sort of entryway to the home, whether it is the front door or a sliding glass door leading on to the deck, they also provide a level of security. Illuminating parts of your home near an entryway can help deter unwanted visitors.

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