Attar Perfume

Attar Perfume: A Revolutionary New Way Of Smelling

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Attar is the smell of flowers that has been distilled over a period of time and then reconstituted into a liquid. The scent is compared to the “essence” of the flower. These oils are commonly used in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking and perfumes. There are several types of attars: rose, orange blossom, jasmine, rosewood, light musk, saffron and more. In this article, you’ll read about the history of attar perfume, the ingredients in attar perfume, and other interesting facts!

What is Attar Perfume?

Aranyam Attar Perfume is a type of perfume that uses extracts from natural materials instead of chemicals. You can create your own signature scent by mixing oils together to find the perfect blend. Attar perfume is characterized by its aromatic oils, which are extracted from flowers and trees. It is one of the most ancient forms of fragrance. It has been used for centuries to create fragrances used in perfumery, soaps, cosmetics, and herbals to name just a few.

How to Make the Perfect Attar

When it comes to creating the perfect fragrance, everyone has their own preferences and ideas, but there is one thing we can agree on: scents. Most people use attar as a base for creating perfumes and make-up. Attar is a resin-like solid produced by boiling down flowers and other natural items. Making an attar is a process that takes time. It starts with grinding the ingredients and using a base, such as water or rose water to extract its fragrance. After this, the mixture is left to rest for hours and the smell will develop. Finally, it is filtered and bottled.

History of Attar

Attar is the Arabic word for perfume. It is a perfume composed of ingredients including rose, jasmine, cloves, orris root, musk, ambergris whale fat, and other substances. It has been used in perfumes since around 1000 CE. The word “Attar” means fragrance, it’s the name of a perfume used in religious ceremonies for centuries. It is made from natural ingredients including flowers, leaves, roots, fruits, and forest resins. When it was first introduced to the West in the 17th century, it meant pure fragrant oil or otto of roses.


With the help of a revolutionary new material, the perfume industry is changing. There are many fragrances now on the market that use a new type of perfume base called “extracts”. These perfumes come in a completely different way from others because they mix extracts with water or alcohol to create a natural fragrance. This is very appealing to those that want to smell good without all the chemicals and toxins found in many other fragrances.

My opinion is that the Attar perfume is a luxurious scent that can be worn any time of day. You can wear this perfume throughout the year, but I would recommend you choose to wear it during the cold months to stay warm.

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