Gifts for Artsy People

8 Great Gifts for Artsy People

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Buying gifts for people with unique tastes can either be very easy or ridiculously difficult. If you’re buying for someone who loves crafting and appreciating art, then don’t fret, as there are plenty of presents that are sure to make them smile. Here are eight perfect gifts for the artsy people in your life.

1: Personalized Stencils

If your artsy friend is always crafting something new, then why not gift them something both personalized and thoughtful? A personalized stencil using mylar sheets won’t only show how much you know them, but it will give them something to work on. If they love baking, for example, then you could create a flowery design for them to put on a cake!

2: Vintage Clothing

Artsy people are renowned for wearing cute, unique clothes pulled off a rack full of old attire, so why not gift them a piece like that? The great news is that vintage clothing is often less expensive than brand new clothes. Have a look around your local thrift stores to find the perfect hat, scarf, or jacket that you are sure they’ll never take off.

3: A Sketchbook

A sketchbook is a classic gift for any art lover. Don’t just pick up any old sketchbook, though – consider what kind of art they create so that you choose the right kind of paper. If they enjoy water coloring, then a sketchbook full of cotton paper will work best.

4: Homemade Jewelry

As a lover of crafty things, your loved one will truly appreciate some homemade jewelry! Don’t worry if you’ve never made any before, as there are plenty of tutorials online to help get you started. It doesn’t have to be intricate, either – a simple crystal wrapped in a wire of flowers would look beautiful.

5: A Personalized Candle

Personalized gifts are great; personalized candles are even better. While it might burn out eventually, a candle that has been made entirely for them is sure to make them eager to get home just to light it.

6: A Book of Art

It might seem like the obvious gift choice, but how can you go wrong with a book full of art? There is so much out there, so browse some book stores to find one that you think will inspire them, whether that involves pages of classical art or a book or cartoon drawings.

7: A Fancy Tea Set

What better way to show your artsy friend how much you appreciate them than by gifting a fancy tea set? Nothing goes better with art than tea, so let them enjoy their chamomile in style while painting the night sky.

8: A Mug for Paint Water

Most painters have a story about the time they mixed up their paint water and coffee. To help them avoid this, buy them a mug that clearly states it is for paint water – better yet, get one that has multiple colors on it!

9: Custom paint by number canvas kit

Turn your favorite photo into a personalized paint by number and start painting today a fantastic painting as if you were Pablo Picasso. You need 0 experience and the end result looks exactly as the image you send to if you want to find more Visit

Any of these eight gifts are sure to please your artsy friend’s unique taste, so keep these in mind the next time a birthday or holiday comes up.

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