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Top Tips When Choosing Booklet Making and Finishing Solutions 

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When you want to prepare a file or a presentation and you need a physical copy of it, then you have to start thinking about how to create the right impression. It is said that first impressions count and in many cases this is true.

In other words, before you even start creating a file, you need to consider how you will be presenting it.  The key is to invest in the right booklet makers. But, before you do, you need to spend some time thinking about what you need:

Volume Of Production

Are you interested in producing the occasional booklet or do you need to be making hundreds every month? It’s a simpler question but fundamental to which booklet making and finishing solution you choose.

The greater the volume the more powerful the machine needs to be. If you purchase a machine that can’t handle the volume you need it to then it will keep sticking and cost you a lot more time.


It isn’t possible to fully automate the booklet making process because you need to tell the machine what items should be in the booklet and where. But, if you do a lot of booklet printing you should consider one that incorporates the printing function. This will allow you to set the parameters and leave the machine to print and bind the documents for you.

That’s cost effective!

Professional Help

If your booklet making requirements are small and your budget won’t stretch to an automated machine option it is worth getting the professionals to do it for you. It requires minimal effort, guarantees perfect results, and ensures you get value for money.


Once you start looking you’ll realize that there are a lot of different booklet styles and finishing options. Some of them look fantastic. However, you don’t just need to think about the file you are creating. It is also important to look at who will be reading the file and what type of presentation works for them.

Knowing your customer will help you choose the right style and format for your booklet making and finishing solutions.

There are several other factors you should consider when creating the booklet.

  • Number of pages

When you are formatting your booklet you need to know how many pages there are, including the front and rear cover. In order to get a good finish you need to have your page number be a multiple of four. It’s worth noting that a magazine style booklet works best with a minimum of 20 pages.

  • Binding Option

Saddle stitching, also known as stapling works for booklets between 8 and 48 pages, it will create a good finish. But, if you want the wow factor and have between 20-200 pages, go for perfect binding, known as magazine style. The binding is invisible and the booklet will look stunning.

Look Around

The more you look into finishing solutions the more confusing it can be. That’s why it pays to look at what other businesses are doing and decide which style you like and suits your business.

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