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5 Ways to Promote Your Business With Personal Branding

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Gone are the days when people would look up to faceless organizations to form opinions on social media. Now they search for people who share the same values and interact with them to validate their points. In a way, we have moved from one-way business communication to smaller social media communities that offer more authentic opinions. If you’re a founder or C-level executive, you need to build a personal brand to create a loyal community and drive home your business’s selling points. Here are five ways you can improve personal branding on social media:

1. Understand your audience and your goals

Before embarking on the journey, you must set out the goals you want to achieve with your personal brand. If you’re building from scratch, you might be more interested in standing out from the crowd with viral posts. If your business already has a solid presence, your job is to reinforce the market position with value-added content. Make sure you understand the audience, how they interact, and most importantly where they interact. B2B brands find the best ROI on LinkedIn while B2C brands are leveraging short-form content on Instagram and TikTok. Build your KPIs and fine-tune your strategy as you go along.

2. Be the expert in your niche

Businesses are started by generalists but they quickly niche down to find their optimal impact. Social media audiences reward exclusivity and expertise in a particular field. If you’re building a personal brand, try being the number one solution for one problem. For instance, individuals looking to understand how LinkedIn fits in their strategy take inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuk’s ways of community building.

3. Be personal

The biggest challenge traditional businesses find in communicating with communities is the lack of human touch. People want a reliable and accountable face to really understand the values of a business. Personal branding offers that. Start by sharing anecdotes, stories, and personal goals with the audience to build connections. If they are convinced about the person running a business, they’ll be convinced about the business as well.

4. Show up regularly

Communities are built over time. They require time, effort, and perseverance. If you’re trying to align your personal brand with your business goals, being consistent is the key. When you post regularly on social media, share your opinions on valuable posts and be present, people notice that. On top of that, consistent content creation helps social media algorithms find patterns in your audience engagement, helping you to grow exponentially after the initial challenges.

5. Create a cohesive identity

Each business has a unique brand identity, including color schemes and content format. When building a personal brand, make sure the visuals and tone align with the brand assets. This is particularly important if you’re engaging with different sets of followers on multiple platforms. An instantly recognizable personal brand can be seamlessly amplified or modified without isolating the core audience.

People now listen to people, not corporations. Personal brands have evolved over the years and business leaders are now becoming influencers in their respective categories. By following the above steps, you can promote your business to a larger audience.

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