The Best Content Marketing Strategy is Storytelling

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Do you know why Instagram has gained a huge traction since its entrance as a digital marketing tool?

There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram and still, it’s on top of all the digital marketing platforms. The reason is that it promotes storytelling which helps brands to grow their online presence. Not only brands but also the common people can gain their credibility by staying consistent with posting on IG. 

So, what’s is storytelling? 

Let’s break it into two parts; Story+Telling. We all are familiar with the word ‘Stories’ because we have grown up listening to it. And ‘telling’ simply means to tell. So, when you master the art of telling stories to people you become a professional storyteller. 

But now, this storytelling has turned into a new leaf which is called digital storytelling. As in the past, you used to tell stories to people while sitting with them. But now, you use the digital medium to tell your stories. With the availability of the emoticons, hashtags, mentions, and creative ideas you can make your stories attention-grabbing. And when you become a maestro in storytelling, you uplift your brand and grow a community that will always be with you seeing your creative side. Gradually, you’ll become a role model for others and your brand will soar to success. 

That’s the art and benefit of storytelling. Since digital marketing tools are growing at an unprecedented pace, so you’ll also need to learn this skill to outsmart your competitors and become successful in your realm. 

If you own an online business but don’t use storytelling as a sales technique then you’re missing the opportunities to succeed. 

Let’s dig more reasons why you should tell a story with your brand.


1. Convey your Brand’s Personality

Every brand has its mission, vision, and values which reflect in every act they do. But storytelling conveys your personality on a broad scale. For example, if you own a creative designing agency, you will focus on adding that creativity in everything you so you’re known by that creative aspect of the business. And if you’re consistent in posting on your social media forums, that consistency will increase your brand credibility. 

If your brand personality is bold and bright let it come out in your stories and never hesitate to align your stories with your brand values. Remember that when your brand becomes successful, you’ll be known by its personality, so your stories should also reflect that

2. Creates the Emotional Quotient 

You still remember the Disney stories you heard in your childhood. Similarly, if your stories are compelling then you give customers the reasons to connect with you. By sharing your brand stories, you begin grabbing your customer’s attention towards you. But don’t overwhelm the stories to that extent that the real emotions dissolve from it.

Be honest show the real picture to your audience and see how your stories get a boost. We as humans crave for good content and if brands master this art of storytelling, they can’t imagine what wonders they can do for their business

3. Keeps you Ahead

All brands don’t follow creative storytelling as an effective sales strategy to boost their business. Some of them do and when they do with full creativity they get an edge over their competitors. Plus, creative stories make the content shareable. Customers themselves don’t want to digest a lot of information so they look for content that’s easy and engaging. 

You may have a great product or service for your business but if you don’t market it, you won’t increase the worth. It’s with stories that you gain a competitive advantage and fosters your business growth. Well-written and digestible short stories contribute in raising your product value and generate leads for the business. You can also take help from any Toronto digital marketing agency if you find storytelling a Sisyphean task.   

To Wrap It Up 

If you want to create a long-term, successful digital presence for your business, you must need to go with the flow. Storytelling is the trend that you need to adopt to create your brand loyalty and satisfy the people craving for connection with your business.  

Think of an idea, couple it with your real-time events and create a short story that instills your viewer’s mind with thoughts and leaves them with curiosity. If you try to keep things straight in your story, you’ll miss the beauty of story.  

The best tip is to see successful brands and their visual storytelling. Learn from them and choose to be different. The better your stories, the higher the traffic on your IG or other mediums.

So, learning these benefits of digital storytelling, are you ready to create an engaging story for your brand?  

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