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5 Tips for Successful Garage Conversions

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Are you looking for more living space? The answer is already part of your home. Converting your garage into a comfortable, functioning, livable space is an affordable and easy process. Since it’s cheaper than building an addition, it’s a great option if you’re working with a budget.

In Los Angeles, garage conversions are quickly becoming popular due to housing shortages. However, despite their popularity, many homeowners don’t know much about garage conversions and how to complete one successfully.

Luckily for you, here are five tips that guarantee a successful garage conversion project.

1. Work with professionals

From the planning and design to the actual construction, you should consider working with professionals. This can include an architect, electrician, plumber, and contractor. Since professionals know all about safety standards, building codes, and garage conversions, they can deliver quality results that meet your needs.

2. Insulate

Most garages aren’t meant to be cozy. That’s why they’re usually dim, cold, and damp. But, if you plan to convert your garage into a living space, you’ll need to insulate it to ensure the new space is as comfortable as possible.

You can install an HVAC system that cools the room during summer and heats it during winter, or install baseboard heaters.

3. Ventilate

Garages tend to get moist and damp quickly. So, if you’re considering a bathroom extension, you’ll need to add sufficient windows or extractor fans to ensure all the moisture created by hot showers doesn’t create havoc with condensation.

4. Seal your floors

Most garage floors are concrete slabs, which makes them extremely cold. Luckily, with this flooring, you have many options, including hardwood, tile, and carpet. This way, you can forget about the cold concrete floor. However, ensure your contractor applies a moisture barrier, seals, and patches your floors before anything happens.

5. Go for a natural fit

Match the décor and interior of your garage conversion to that of your home to give it a more natural feel. This makes your garage feel like a part of your house, especially if you’re converting it into an office or bedroom.

Ultimately, don’t rush your garage conversions and consult with an expert to avoid costly mistakes.

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