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How Stand Up Desks Can Benefit Your Home Office

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Have you been getting a little bit bored of your home office setup? Could it do with a bit of a shake up? Today we’re going to talk about standing desks, what they are, why you need one and our standing table recommendations. We’ll tell you ‘how-to’ instructions, tips and tricks for getting up at work, as well as a few tips for choosing a standing or ‘sit stand’ desk that suits you. Find out how to get the most out of your day by simply changing your table setup.

First of all, it should be noted that using a standing desk should not replace sitting and standing for long periods of time, which your doctor or physiotherapist does not recommend. It is more advantageous to incorporate standing movements into parts of the day, rather than using a sitting or standing desk all day.

If you are uncomfortable sitting at your PC all day and it is somehow better to be in the same place for eight hours in a row than sitting, then consider buying a stand up desk. If you already have a decent desk and want it to go up and down, buying the sit-up stand-up table frame is a great way to save money and keep using your existing desk. Even if for some reason you don’t want a full standing desk, you can turn an existing desk into one by using it as a standing desk. Instead of converting a standard desk into a sitting or standing table, the converter is designed to sit on the existing desk and adapt to the required height. So desk converters are a good product to try if you want to get your feet wet with a small expenditure.

Conversely, you may also raise a normal office chair to its maximum height, lower the display to the standing desk surface (which should put it at eye level) and then place the keyboard and mouse on your lap. The stand-up desk converter measures your desktop, but you also need to take into account the height of your current desk.

If you are not planning to adjust the height of your standing table frequently, or if you are looking for an extra reason for physical activity during the day, a manual standing table is the best method. In standing desks, you can increase your level of movement by finding an active desk or ergonomic desk chair that supports constant movement and good posture.

Working in the right ergonomic position helps you avoid many of the pain that plagues computer workers. A standing desk allows you to change the position during the day to avoid muscle fatigue. If you don’t mind lifting and lowering your desk, a manual standing desk is perfectly fine. They are great if you use a desk while sitting – getting up or standing up in an area with limited outlets or just trying to reduce your consumption.

If you want to overhaul your office, you can always use an electrically height-adjustable standing desk. They have a hand crank that can be turned to raise or lower the table surface if required. You could have a fixed height, but most people prefer height-adjustable seating and standing tables. If your standing desk is not comfortable to hold a computer monitor or laptop, you should connect a standing monitor to your desk or stand-up monitor. Some can only stand, others can only stand up while sitting and still others can stand up.

You can choose almost any type of desk to sit or stand with and don’t have to worry about the weight, space or equipment you need. They can range from simple straps that increase the height of your monitor and peripheral to keep you at eye level, to standing desks that actually allow you to switch between sitting and standing, a key component to staying healthy at work. Some standing desks can be quite large, while others only bring larger quantities of what you already have to your desk.

You may not want to stand as much as you used to, and that’s where an adjustable standing table comes in. They help to give your body the variety that it needs during the day. So try out a stand up desk soon to get all the health and efficiency benefits of standing. If you’d like to read reviews and comparisons of different desks, you can check out

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