Best Way to Design your Dream Enclosed Garage

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Selecting the garage with exact size and dimension can be difficult many times. So, here we are describing some of the best ways to design your dream enclosed garage without any hassle:

Be Attentive While Choosing The Size

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind while designing the garage is size. In most general cases, the size depends on 4 major elements: land space availability, vehicle needs, and storage needs:

Land Space Availability: Available land space should be inspected to determine the maximum space available for the garage. If the garage is going to be applied for car storage, car access to the garage should also be examined.

Common garage dimensions for a single and double garage are:

  • Single Garages = 3.5m wide by 6m long with a 2.5m wide door
  • Double garages = 6m wide by 6m long with a 5m wide door

Requirement Of Vehicle:

The most obvious use of the garage is to house vehicles. Now it’s important to consider before designing the carport how many cars you plan on fitting in your garage and their size. One option is to measure the height, length, and width of your vehicle/s to ensure they will fit, ensuring to evaluate if you might buy a bigger car in the future. In a case, if you have a vehicle with above-average height, having a van, SUV or 4WD vehicle, make sure you have also studied the garage clearance height needed for your vehicle.

Storage Requirements:

Determining the storage requirement is also one of the essential factors to evaluate to design your dream enclosed garage. In a standard-sized single (3.5m x 6m) and double garage (6m x 6m), there is very little space around the car/s for storage. If the garage is going to be used only for car storage than a standard-sized garage may be perfect. If you are thinking of storing anything else in your garage, then a larger size garage will be necessary.

That being said, you will be able to get the exact garage for your valuable investments. Next time, when you go for designing the garage, you must implement the above-mentioned factors. Stay tuned for more updates.

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