What is iOS

What is iOS? History, Features & All about iOS

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In the world of smartphone there maybe no one who don’t know about an iPhone. Many people have a wish and dream to use iPhone smartphones but due to it’s expensiveness it’s just like a fruit of sky, which can’t be catch up from the earth. In comparison to normal Android smartphones iPhone is very expensive. But did you know? Why iPhone smartphones are expensive then other platform mobiles. Due to its high cost many people can’t able to afford it.

iOS is an operating system of Apple Inc. iOS is used in the devices of Apple like iPhone, iPod, iPad & Apple watch. iOS is the software platform made by Apple Inc. to use in its devices and smartphones as an Operating System (OS). iOS uses a multi-touch interface to operate smartphones with simple gestures. iOS gives a complete user experience to its user because it combines both Hardware & Software perfectly. Where users get better experience from the hardware side also.

History of iOS

In January 2007 Apple company release a new OS which was named as iPhone OS (Operating System). At the beginning of this OS, it doesn’t support the third-party apps as like now. To use any extra services and third-party apps iPhone OS should have to depend upon web apps, to use any apps iPhone OS device have to open it with safari browser. After few years Apple company change their OS name from iPhone OS to iOS.

In 2008 iOS introduced iOS AppStore where 500 apps are included to download and use. The numbers of apps in AppStore get increases and Become more than 2 Million till 2019. Apple Inc. also launched iPod in 2007 & iPad in 2010 to provide a big screen interface to its users.

Before 2013 Apple iOS use 32-bit ARM processor in their software but after 2013 iOS started to use 64-bit ARM processor to increase the performance and to give a better-quality improvement to users.

Why iOS is different from Other OS like Android & Windows

Apple iOS are different from other OS with many reasons. The first reason for iOS and other different is that the use of protective cells to protect the installed apps in Device. iOS is a uniform and unique platform which works only in Apple devices like iPhone Smartphone, iPod, iPad & Apple Watch. So, why the OS used in Apple device are totally different than other OS like Android and Windows. iOS are more user friendly than other OS. The sensors used in iOS are very smooth and strong which detects the figure gestures easily and gives a light & better performance. In iOS it is clear that there is the good optimization of Software & Hardware than other OS.

Features of iOS

We can find many awesome features in iOS to use. So why people want iOS.

  • Strong Hardware
  • Smooth & Better Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Regular Updates
  • Flagship OS
  1. Strong Hardware

The reason for choosing iOS device is due to its hardware features. The hardware used in iOS devices are strong and easy to hold in hand. The iOS device is handy device which have strong hardware in comparison to other OS smartphones like Android.

  1. Smooth & Better Performance

In iOS we can get a smooth and fast user experience while using it. We can run any features smoothly in iOS devices than other OS. As like Stock Android we can’t find any bloatware. So, it makes the user performance better.

  1. User Friendly

The iOS devices are more user-friendly than another OS device. We can find out different features that may not find in another OS device. The sensors used in iOS are very smooth and strong which makes the device to use more easily.

  1. Regular Updates

Devices running iOS will get the regular updates to in it. We may have notice that the iOS device launched in 2017 is also getting an iOS update in 2019. We may also get a regular update in Android One & in Android Go OS.

  1. Flagship OS

In comparison to other OS, iOS are many times expensive. iPhone smartphones are also called as Flagship Smartphones because all the iPhone Smartphones are found in expensive price in comparison to other OS devices.

At all

iOS is an operating system of Apple Inc. used in Apple Devices. iOS is the world’s second popular and most used Operating System after Android Operating System. We can find iOS only in Apple Inc. devices but Android OS is found in more than 705 smartphones companies like Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, Huawei, & Many more. In comparison to other smartphones iOS are very expensive than Android OS, that’s why iPhone are expensive than Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi smartphones. Due to its expensiveness only about 20% users use this OS.

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