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Best Accessories For iPhone X

After an intense search, we have not only selected the best accessories for iPhone X but also several cases and chargers

Now that you have your brand new and desired iPhone X, you will have to accompany it as it deserves, right?

Here we propose several ideas that, in most cases (except the cases), you can also use with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and even with competitive phones.

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Apple AirPods: Inseparable

Apple AirPods Inseparable
Apple AirPods Inseparable

They incorporate the Apple W1 chip and use optical sensors and an accelerometer to detect if you are wearing them.

When you talk on the phone or ask Siri for something, a second accelerometer activates the microphones with beamforming technology to filter the background noise and bring your voice to the foreground.

They work for 5 hours on a single charge but come with a discreet case that gives them several additional charges (more than 24 hours of use). They are considered one of the best accessories for iPhone x.

The next Accessories for iPhone X is

MiniBatt PowerPad

Accessories for iPhone X MiniBatt PowerPad

If you are one of those who live next to your mobile and need to charge it at all times, take note of this mouse pad.

It is capable of recharging your iPhone X or any electronic device to 5v while working with the computer; To do this, simply place the phone on top of the mousepad.

This accessories for iPhone x is an Apple certificate to guarantee compatibility with the new iPhone models.

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Premium printed Floral iPhone x Case by Zepper

Premium printed Floral iPhone x Case by Zepper
Premium printed Floral iPhone x Case by Zepper

The case is a hard and tough made polycarbonate iPhone X back cover which can withstand shocks and external impacts. Printed with tropical floral designs and seasonal floral prints.

For those who love flowers, The case will be perfect for them. Very useful, for example, to take selfies or watch videos of tutorials and recipes.

Pioneer Rayz Plus: Power by Lightning

Pioneer Rayz Plus

In addition to allowing you to listen or talk with your iPhone while charging, the Pioneer Rayz Plus headphones integrate intelligent noise cancellation technology, which adapts to your ear and the environment.

It also highlights the Smart button, which you can customize to activate and deactivate the sound of a call or open the Rayz app with a touch.

Precisely that application is what allows you to change the settings of the headphones and the Smart button.

Bose Sounlink Micro: Mini off-road speaker

Bose Sounlink Micro Mini off-road speaker
Bose Sounlink Micro Mini off-road speaker

Despite its small size and lightweight, this Bluetooth speaker offers great sound quality and has a hands-free function. It is made of rubber silicone, which makes it shock resistant and submersible in water (IPX7 certification).

It has measures of 9.83 x 9.83 x 3.48 cm, weighs 290 gr, has a strap with hook and is available in three colors.

Smart Rope PURE: Compatible with HealthKit

Smart Rope PURE
Smart Rope PURE

The rope that Tangram Factory proposes is connected to magnetic sensors to count your jumps and show them in the Smart Gym Pro app.

This application records each complete turn of the rope as a jump, counting the calories burned and the duration of the training.

It also gives you tips to train at intervals and helps you stay motivated through rewards and challenges with your friends. And there is a version with LED lights!

Masimo MightySat: Finger Pulse Oximeter

Masimo MightySat Finger Pulse Oximeter
Masimo MightySat Finger Pulse Oximeter

This accessories for iPhone x has multiple functions. In addition to accurately measuring oxygen saturation and heart rate, MightySat provides unique measurements that help you assess changes in breathing frequency and effort, hydration and circulation, among other factors.

The Masimo Personal Health app gathers all this information and automatically stores it in the Apple Health app so you can share them. Integrates Bluetooth 4.0 and works with two AAA batteries.

FLIR ONE: Thermal camera for iOS

FLIR ONE Thermal camera for iOS
FLIR ONE Thermal camera for iOS

You just have to attach this accessory on the Lightning connector of your iPhone and you will turn it into a powerful thermography device.

Through the FLIR ONE free app, you can see heat differences and easily identify temperature changes. It is very useful, for example, to see in the dark, find leaks of energy or know what happens outside your house at night.

It has its own rechargeable battery to not deplete the phone’s power.

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