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Why You Should Invest in Network Monitoring

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In IT, having a network is the backbone of all devices. They are all connected to routers, switches, firewalls, servers, etc. As they rely on both hardware and software, it is a must that they should be monitored. Today, companies rely on network monitoring to know which part of the network would be improved.

The practice includes various protocols like ICMP or Cisco Discovery Protocol. Having these protocols can help prevent the hardware and software from not glitching. If no monitoring is conducted, your server may be at risk. Think of the amount of data that can be affected by inadequate management.

With that being said, here is why you should invest in network monitoring.

Stay ahead of outages

Network monitoring can experience outages due to human error, configuration issues, and environmental factors.

Having an outage can be frustrating for the ones managing. Implementing such monitoring can alleviate outages from occurring. One way the network can help you is through the data. The same data can also identify which outages are causing bottlenecks in your network.

Clear visibility

Visibility is one of the advantages of network monitoring. administrators can track all devices attached to the network with the traffic easily. However, it can be a challenge to keep up with all of them. Some networks provide automation tools like mapping tools to see a complete view. Clear network monitoring is a sign that the network is functioning properly.

Makes use of IT resources

For the IT team, it will reduce their workload. This leads the team to manage more critical projects. Managing many servers is already hands full for them. Network monitoring will allocate the available resources most efficiently.

Here’s an example: When a device experience issues, the network will notify the IT team. It is easier than manually finding the issues even when no problem occurs. With the unpredictable nature of technology, monitoring will do the job.

Notifies potential security threats

Security is required in any organization. The most that network monitoring help is giving the first-level security. Any private information will be protected against data breaches. It also guides you on what “normal” performance looks like. When there is any unusual activity happening, administrators can identify the problem faster. It can be determined if the activity is a threat or not in a proactive approach.

Capacity planning

When by capacity planning, it means addressing the user’s needs. When there is more demand, the administrators should consider utilization and planning for better infrastructure. One way to look into this is through the historical data. While it can be obsolete, it gives context to knowing which path to take.

Monitoring bandwidth

It lets you know when the network is slowing down. A slow network will be frustrating for both users and employees. Through network monitoring, you can adjust the quality of the network to take action on other protocols. You can also find this alert when bandwidth levels reach critical levels. Be sure that the services provided should not be affected in the process.

Monitors essential data

A faulty network can be concerning. This is why network monitoring uses essential data to see the performance of every device. Once you see the data, the monitoring interval can take over. The intervals determine the frequency. It all depends on the network device used. Servers, routers, and switches need to be monitored more since it performs critical tasks.


Investing in monitoring is beneficial for any aspiring company. It strengthens the security while also making use of all resources available. The impact of monitoring will make more efficient data transfer from all devices. You can thank the advancements in technology that lead us to tomorrow’s future.

Author’s Bio:

Luther Abrams is known for being tech-savvy despite his age. He loves to explore new possibilities and tech innovations, which also inspired him to write more about technology and why it has become the future of everything.

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