Competitive Business Advantages of Managed IT Services

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Undoubtedly, IT infrastructure, as well as cybersecurity, are both very important for almost every business. In fact, IT is frequently the source of competitive advantage for many small and medium-sized organizations. Outdated IT infrastructure or poor cybersecurity posture can impact the productivity of any business. In the case of reactive support specifically, IT investments are looked at as a burden rather than a benefit or investment. Operating full time, in-house IT department can be a cumbersome burden. And, here comes to the power of managed IT services. These services assist an IT company in building a strong IT infrastructure.

If you’re on the hunt for a new IT Service Provider, at first glance- it looks difficult to determine the level of service that your business will receive, with any real-world level accuracy.  

When budgeting is a primary decision-making factor, many companies decide to forego bringing in a managed services provider and choose an “IT guy” or “Technology Consultant” who charges them hourly.  At first, this looks like a cost-efficient solution; but it can be difficult to ensure long term reliability when choosing this type of tech support.

In some cases, the consultant may be an excellent technology expert, but due to the nature of the business relationship- a year later, he leaves for another job or moves away.  Now the business is put into a position of searching for a new IT Service provider. With a Managed Services Support Business, its very unlikely that you will be placed in this type of position.

Some benefits to choosing a Managed Service Provider

  • You get what you pay for and you don’t get what you don’t pay for

When you go with the managed IT service with your current, in-house staff, certainly you will be limited to the skill set of your present employees. And, when you need a specific skill set for any project, you have to hire new employees and invest money & time on them. If you make the latter choice, it might take a few weeks to many months to bring the employee’s skill set up to mark, and that person would still lack true hands-on experience. On the other hand, if you are with reliable IT support in NJ, you will work with a team having well-trained and skilled people with strong backgrounds. Under their guidance and knowledge, you can easily move the projects forward.

  • Proactively Maintained Backups & Disaster Recovery

The major task performed by the managed IT service provider is keeping the backup of all data. Usually, IT companies ignore the importance of data backup service. But in case of any mishappening or disaster, they really understand the value of managed IT services. But just choosing the provider is not enough. Only with reliable providers, you will be able to utilize the best results. They will put an efficient process in place and gives you the support you require when a disaster happens.

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity

Many reliable companies like Race Computer Services (RCS) provide several managed layers of cybersecurity, including:

– Enterprise-level antivirus

– A centrally managed firewall 

– Proactive operating system patch management

– Proactive network traffic monitoring with network traffic anomaly detection 

In addition to the managed services which we at RCS provide as a managed it service for our service clients, we also maintain business relationships with cybersecurity specialty firms for the purpose of compliance requirements, ethical hacking and penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Enhanced Mobility:

With our Managed Support Services, your employees gain the ability to access your office network using a secure VPN connection.  Your employees will be able to work as if they are local, from any location in the world (as long as it has an internet connection).


Our responsibility is to keep your business technology up and running. We prioritize that.  

To overcome all these drawbacks, your focus needs to find a professional IT support company in NJ that has been in the same field for a long time. The company that has fully equipped with the latest tools and understands what exactly their clients’ required to maintain a high level IT standard. For this task, you may take into account the following-mentioned factors:

  • A company having a good amount of experience
  • A company able to understand clients’ specific business requirements
  • A company able to provide the exact solutions a company required
  • A company able to provide customized solutions to the clients
  • A company having in-depth knowledge of current market standards
  • A company that offer budget-friendly solutions to the clients
  • A company that can become your trusted strategic technology partner
  • A company that focuses on your IT so that you can focus on business
  • A company that can take a higher level of control than standard break-fix tech support
  • A company that proactively manage different components & processes of the IT department

Keeping all these things in mind, you should choose the best IT support provider for your business. It can be difficult for newcomers in the industry due to lack of knowledge about IT support services. You can keep these pointers in mind before opting for any third-party providers or planning an in-house team for IT-support.

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