Why the banner on Facebook is so important

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The marketing mechanism on Facebook is a bit different than on any other platforms. That is why the right choice of a cover image plays a crucial role in promotion of your account. With thoughtful design, you can get recognition on this platform.

But how exactly should the banner look like and how to make it? You can either create it by yourself or use free Facebook covers templates. In order to make it look more professional, many new entrepreneurs choose the second option. In this article we will talk about how to create a perfect cover image for your account and how VistaCreate editor can help you.

Making a cover image for Facebook

You can upload a banner with a minimal size of 820px wide by 312px tall for a desktop version. The image for mobile devices must be at least 640px by 360px. If you happen to upload a bigger or smaller picture, Facebook will not stretch it. The platform will simply cut it to fit into the cover dimensions.

Also, you should remember that Facebook crops the top and bottom of a banner on the desktop version, left and right on the phone. To make your image look fine on any device it is recommended to use a size of 820px by 312px. If you want to make sure that nothing will be lost, just keep important elements on your cover photo closer to center.

A perfect cover: what is it?

Your banner should represent the interest of your target audience. By visiting your page people will quickly understand what your business is about. Don’t be shy to use your imagination. The more original your banner is – the more chance that new visitors will stay on your profile. There is no need to write a lengthy description about you or your product on a cover image. It should be a brief and clear story, with no sophistication. Here are some examples of what you can put on a cover page:

  • Upcoming events advertisement – it can be webinars, seminars, etc. Add a few words about your project and give the information about how to reach out to you. This can help to get attention from a possible target audience.
  • An illustration describing the benefits and features of your service or product – a brief story will help people to understand the concept behind the promoted product or service.
  • Team photo – if people know that behind the project stands a real team, they will take your page more seriously.
  • UGC (User Generated Content) – it can be fanart, selfies of your clients using a product, screenshots of positive feedback with photos of your audience. Basically anything with real people and the content/service you’re promoting. This will help you build trust with your new clients.

As mentioned before, you can create your own cover image using different photo editors. Or you can save your time and make your own design choosing from a long list of templates on VistaCreate. With the help of an editor you can find and create a Facebook banner choosing from more than 50 thousand professional templates with 50 million art resources. So, you will have all the tools required stored in one place.

The result

Yes, it is true. Whether it’s a service, product or content, the visual element is integral to any project. Having a thoughtful cover image on your Facebook page can help you to gain many followers and get more clients. If you create a design for an account and fill the page with content, you will get needed recognition.

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