Gangwon-do Goseong Cafe Okran Pudding

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If you are planning to visit Goseong during your Gangwon-do trip, there is a cafe you must visit. Okran Pudding, which recently opened its second store. This cafe is famous for its pudding. In fact, it is a place where tourists visit once in a while, and they order a lot by courier.

Signature menu

The signature of Okran Pudding is potato pudding and tofu pudding. All of them have an unfavorable taste, and you can feel the sweetness and softness in your mouth. Especially in the case of potato pudding, you can feel the stronger taste, so we recommend that you choose according to your taste.

Right in front of the sea

It is good to eat inside the store, but when you cross the street, the sea spreads out in front of you. Taking take-out and eating while looking at the sea at the beach is another feeling.

If you are planning a 강원도여행, we recommend that you visit and explore every corner of Gangwon-do.

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