Which Smartphone Models are the Best Selling

Which Smartphone Models are the Best-Selling so far this year? Do you have one of them?

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In the case of last year’s best-selling smartphones, Apple dominated with the iPhone XR. This year, it looks like Apple will dominate again. Showing it stats from Compraracciones.com analysis which has released preliminary statistics that speak of this year’s best-selling smartphone models. The data below reflect the first 6 months. Vosveteit points to this statistics.

Apple has the most Selling Phone

Year after year, this ranking is dominated by Apple. The main reason behind this success is the relatively small variety of iOS smartphones. As you can see below, the best-selling smartphone model this year is the iPhone 11 so far, of which 37.9 million units have been sold. It is expected that the facility will guard the primacy and that no establishment will overtake it.

As you can see below, the most representatives in the ranking of the 10 best-selling models is Apple, which occupied the 1st (iPhone 11), 5th (iPhone SE 2020), 6th (iPhone XR), 7th (iPhone 11 Pro Max) and 10th place (iPhone 11 Pro). The second most successful company is Xiaomi with 4 representatives. These are specifically the 3rd (Redmi Note 8), 4th (Redmi Note 8 Pro), 8th (Redmi 8A) and 9th (Redmi 8) compartment. Samsung also entered the rankings, occupying the 2nd place with the Galaxy A51 device model.

The company compraracciones further writes that when looking at all device sales by brand, both in the global market, Samsung´cover 20% of the market. Also Huawei is covering 20%. Apple covers 14% of the market, Xiaomi covers 10% and Oppo 9% of the market.

Via XiaomiPortal.sk

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