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What To Do If You Are Ever Pulled Over

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It is easy to panic if you get pulled over by the police, but it is important to know what to do in this situation so that you can resolve the issue and get back on the road. Unfortunately, people often make the situation worse for themselves when they get pulled over, and this could lead to serious issues. So, what should you do if you are getting pulled over by the police? Keep reading for the main steps to take when being pulled over that should allow you to get back on the road before long and put the incident behind you.

Find A Safe Spot

First, you need to find a safe spot to pull over. You should slow down and activate your turn signal to indicate to the officer that you intend to pull over at the first opportunity. If you are in an area with heavy traffic, it is ok to drive a short distance to find a safe spot to pull over, and you should never put yourself in danger. Once you have pulled over, place the car in park, turn off the engine and roll down the window.

Listen To The Police Officer

It is easy to panic and starts talking when the officer approaches, but it is best to stay quiet and instead listen to what they have to say, particularly if you do not know why they are pulling you over (it could be for any number of reasons). Usually, they will ask for your license and registration first, and you should slowly reach for this and pass them over.

Be Civil

Many people will also be argumentative, especially if they feel that they have done nothing wrong and it is an unreasonable reason to be pulled over. Instead, you should remain calm and be civil. You have the right to defend yourself in court if you wish, which will allow you to address any issues that you have. If you are suspected of driving under the influence then you will be asked to take a breath-alcohol and coordination test, and you should comply whether you have had a drink or not.

Sign The Citation

If you are issued a citation, you need to sign this but understand that it is not an admission of guilt. Instead, it is simply recognizing that you are the person that has been pulled over, and you plan to either pay the fine or dispute it in court.

Speak to A Civil Rights Lawyer

If you believe that being pulled over was a violation of your civil rights, then it is important to speak to a civil rights lawyer. You might feel that you were discriminated against, there was an unreasonable search that took place, or the police officer used excessive force, just as a few examples. It is important to stand up and defend yourself in these situations so that you can receive compensation but also to hold law enforcement accountable – they are the people that should be protecting you.

These are the main steps to take and will hopefully help you to resolve the situation swiftly.

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