Online Slot Strategies: Fact, or Fiction?

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Is there a system you can use to always win when you play online slots? You’d certainly think so if you watch some of the biggest YouTube channels – the truth, of course, is a little more nuanced. Mathematicians spent decades trying to find systems to beat the roulette wheel – without success. Why did they fail? Because every spin of the wheel is an independent event. The wheel has no memory – it doesn’t “prefer” red or black regardless of what the outcome of the previous 100 spins may have been.

Online slots work in a very similar way to the roulette wheel; picture a typical 5×3 layout at an online casino PA. Now imagine each of the five reels represents an American roulette wheel, with each having 38 distinct positions on the reel strips. It’s not a perfect comparison because there is only one “Red 32” in Roulette, whereas there could be a few dozen “Red 32’s” spread out across the five-feel strips. People who talk of being “professional slots players” are kidding themselves. The law of large numbers applies equally to them as everyone else.

Does this mean coming up with strategies for slot machines is a terrible idea? Maybe. Let’s look at a few possible ideas and methods which could increase your chances of winning at slots.

Play the Highest RTP Games You Can Find

In the online slots market, most games have their Return-to-Player percentage somewhere close to 96%. There are a few outliers which are closer to 90%, however. Worst still, there are some software developers that offer the same game with a multitude of different RTP options for casinos to choose from. This will usually be 96% or so at the top end, right down to an atrocious 84% at the bottom.

Almost every licensing regime now insists that the RTP of every game must be mentioned somewhere on the casino website or within the game itself. Look out for this, and never play any games with RTP percentages below 95%.

Try the Demo Slot First

Although online slots offer little-to-no abilities for players to make choices that will improve their Return on Investment (%). Playing a game in demo mode allows you to experience all the different modifiers, features, and overall game mechanics before beginning to play. Amongst other things, this will allow you to work out your favorite bonus game in certain online slots.

Also, just as an added benefit – playing games in free play mode is a great way to enjoy some slotting when your gambling budget for the month has run out.

Bankroll Management

This is a key aspect when playing any game of chance – work out what your budget is for the night, then divide it into your preferred number of spins based on the volatility of the game. Low volatility games have the least chance of wiping out your bankroll, whereas high variance online slots will bankrupt most players spinning at large bet sizes within minutes.

The solution? Just like trading stocks and shares, set yourself an upper and lower bound and stick to them. If you win enough to hit your upper bound then withdraw your funds and call it a night. If you hit your lower bound – often zero – then don’t be tempted to deposit further monies to try and catch up and recover your losses. That is the worst slippery slope in gambling.

Having no Luck – Try Switching Games

After a few months to years of playing online slots, you will no doubt have decided which games are your favorites. It’s difficult to avoid this – if a slot is particularly generous to you then you probably going to keep on playing it over the long term.

What happens if your favorite games begin to turn against you though? Some players will just continue playing their same old favorites, believing that they will pay them back eventually. Smarter players realize there is never any guarantee of this happening and so will try switching games instead.

Experiment with different providers, find a new set of favorite games, and expand your horizons. This is in no way guaranteed to increase your profits, but who’s to say you won’t find another favorite slot if you browse the pages of an online casino for games you haven’t played before?

Summing Up

As always in life, the answer to this question can seem much harder than it first appears. There are plenty of strategies you can use to enhance your enjoyment of playing these games online, whether that be discovering new games, working out when to increase or decrease your stakes, or making sure that you never spend more than you can genuinely afford.

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