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Top Five SEO Strategies For 2022 & Beyond

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SEO is an ever-evolving field. It continues to become better every passing year, and SEO experts, as well as business owners, need to keep up with it. Otherwise, they are at risk of being left behind or falling through the rankings by their competitors. That’s why you need to ensure your SEO agency is up to date. Below are five basic strategies that will allow you to keep up and even improve your rankings;

1. Create amazing content

Google gives a very high priority to content over other factors that determine your website’s ranking. Therefore, with quality content and appropriate keywords, you can rank your website higher than many competitors and gain an enormous following from potential clients like dentist following strategy of local seo for dentists.

Your content must cater to the target audience, in addition to including the relevant keywords. You can search for ideal keywords for better ranking using advanced SEO keyword tools and have them in your title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, etc. Including a ‘call to action’ at the end of every content will encourage the clients to visit your website or buy your products.

To create even better content, conduct analysis on various search engine result pages, include specific key phrases in the right frequency and understand search intent to outrank your competitors. Continue to periodically upgrade your content to remain in high rankings constantly.

2. Undertake ethical link-building practices

Link building is one of the oldest SEO techniques, but it is still highly relevant today. There are many strategies used to ensure that the work is done in the most effective and efficient way. Sure Oak shares its top five link-building strategies that worked best for them. These include relationship link building, guest posting, broken link building, press mentions, and link reclamation. But you must understand that it’s not about the quantity of links but their quality. If done properly, link building can help you gain an enormous amount of visitors.

You can use guest blogging to share your content over the internet, improve your rankings, and build quality backlinks. Participating in interviews, roundups, and podcasts is another method to gain better links from specific authorities or media outlets in your niche. Having a social media strategy will also help promote your articles and website through various highly-visited channels. Lastly, you can work to reclaim your own or a competitor’s broken links for your website.

3. Optimise the images

Optimising images is vital to ensure your website loads quickly.

You must work to compress all the images without sacrificing their quality and also add keywords related to their context to help search engine algorithms understand your content better.

4. Improve upon the user experience

Your website architecture, loading speed, and security are vital to enhancing a user experience while also gaining a higher SERP ranking.

Make sure that your website is fast and compatible with all relevant channels. Your website design must allow easy navigation to the visitors while also keeping them engaged. Appropriate data encryption will allow for better security. Work to ensure all the content is relevant, interesting, and engaging. Continue to upgrade your website and content periodically.

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5. Repurpose your content

You can upgrade or repurpose your content for a number of different factors that affect your ranking, such as;

  • Update existing content or blogs with new information, data, videos, images, etc.
  • Create video tutorials and post them on appropriate channels, especially YouTube
  • Turn your blogs into a podcast and share them
  • Write guest posts for other websites using old blog ideas
  • Create interesting tools or calculators to generate interest from visitors
  • Create and post a slide deck or an infographic from blog posts

SEO is an extremely important factor for better digital marketing in 2022, and it will remain so beyond. By following simple SEO tips, you can ensure your website remains at the top of the rankings.

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