Branded Conference Bags

What to Consider When Designing Branded Conference Bags

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Conference bags are a common item at most formal events. But formal events, like seminars, don’t have to be boring. You can add more fun by creating branded bags that leave a lasting impression on the attendees. Besides that, you will also get free marketing during and after the event when the attendees use the bags for work or other errands.

However, designing branded conference bags isn’t easy. The hardest part is balancing colors and ensuring that they complement formalwear. In this guide are essential tips to help you design a branded conference bag for your company’s next event.

Design With the Audience in Mind

Knowing your target audience is crucial if you want to leave the customers happy and satisfied. Take your time and identify your target audience. Are they tech-savvy software developers who carry their laptops everywhere, or is it a group of parents attending a school meeting?

This information will help you know which features to add to the bags. For example, young people attending a tech summit will be happier with lightweight and stylish conference bags. Parents or church members attending a week-long seminar may prefer something bigger and more spacious.

Functionality is Crucial

Build with the idea that bags can be used after the event is over. Consider adding multiple compartments and pockets for easy packing. You can separate the main part using slides and add pockets with zippers for carrying smaller items like pens, keys, and a phone.

Also, think about comfort. An adjustable strap can come in handy if the bag is too big. Ensure that the handles have extra padding for comfort. You can also add padding on the bag’s bottom side to protect the items inside in case of a fall.

Let’s Talk Branding

Brand identity is crucial when making branded conference bags. It is always best to keep the design simple. A logo, brand colors, and business slogan are enough. However, if you feel more creative, don’t be afraid to experiment.

The best idea is to hire a professional designer to help you bring your ideas to life. Some bag manufacturers like RocketBags have a team of in-house designers who can help you design the bag. Ensure that the overall design complements the theme of the event.

What About Materials?

Materials will determine your bag’s durability. Nylon and polyester are suitable options if you want something cheap and easy to maintain. The best thing is that both materials are water-resistant.

However, canvas and cotton can make classier branded conference bags. There are many printing options available, and they last a little longer than polyester or nylon bags. Leather is the premium option if you want classic conference bags with a touch of elegance, but be prepared to spend more on production.

Summing Up

Branded conference bags can be used to spread awareness for an upcoming company event. You can run competitions online and gift the winners with baskets containing the branded bag. Another option is giving each attendee a brand-new bag as a sign of appreciation.

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