Selling a Used Car

Selling a Used Car – How to Get the Best Price

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We all know how stressful it can be when you put a second-hand car up for sale; for some, there is an emotional attachment that makes it even harder to say goodbye to your pride and joy! Of course, you do want to get the best price possible and with that in mind, here is some very useful information to help you get the best deal.

Cars for cash websites

If you are wondering, ‘How am I going to arrange the selling my car?’ Worry no longer, as the car for cash company handles everything and with over 1,000 auto dealers bidding in real time for your vehicle, you are sure to get an offer you are happy with. They even handle the paperwork on your behalf and they pay you cash when they come to collect the car. There is no easier way to sell a used car and they cover the entire country of Australia.

Car detailing

It makes total sense to present the car in its best light, which means wash, wax and interior detail; if you are selling the car on a car sales website, you should take the photos as soon as the detail is finished and upload them, along with a text description. For the little it costs, you can be sure that potential buyers will be impressed when they view your listing and this is likely to lead to a quick sale.

Decide on the lowest price you will accept

It is important to know what your bottom line is before you start talking to potential buyers, so crunch the numbers and find the least amount that you are prepared to accept. Once you enter into negotiations, stick to your guns and you should end up with your asking price, or at least a price you are happy with. Click here for information on how to achieve financial freedom.

Fix all minor issues

A potential buyer will look for small issues in order to negotiate a lower price, so you need to inspect the vehicle thoroughly and make a note of small things that should be dealt with before listing the car. Your local mechanic can sort this out for you in just a couple of hours and the cost would be negligible and allows you to ask a decent price for the vehicle.

Collect all receipts and invoices

If you can produce all the service documents, this will stand you in good stead; a potential buyer wants to see a full service history (FSH) which tells them that the car has been well-maintained. Of course, the easiest way to sell any used car is using one of the top-rated car for cash websites, where you are likely to get the best offer from one of the 1000 car dealers that bid for all listed vehicles. Don’t forget to change the ownership when you sell your car, which removes all liability.

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