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What is the Rapid Antigen Test, Is this important to take while you have covid-19 symptoms?

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In this Critical Covid-19 Situation, We are in fear to get infected by the Corona Virus. But you don’t need to fear as you can get your Covid-19 test done through Rapid Antigen Test.

You would like to know how this COVID-19 “Rapid Antigen Test” is done.

One of the easy ways and less costly to check your Covid -19 test reports, you just need to do a rapid antigen test and you get the reports of the Covid-19 test within 15 to 20 minutes.

This flowflex covid test is done through your nostrils, swabbing is done with a cotton ball inside your nose for taking a sample of antigen. After this, the sample is tested in the laboratory and it takes 15 minutes only to test it. And your reports either come to you on online mobile or a hard copy.

Why do you need a Rapid Antigen Test and when should you take this?

This test is mandatory to know about your health status, and you should do this test when you are at high risk of becoming infected with the virus, such as after meeting someone who is infected with COVID-19, or gatherings and after visiting a crowded place.

What are some of the types of COVID-19 tests?

There are three types of covid-19 test are available, here are list given below:-

  1. PCR ( polymerase chain reaction)
  2. Antigen Test ( Rapid Test)
  3. COVID-19 antigen Test ( Blood Test)

Some instruction for when  you taking a Rapid Antigen Test

There are no such instructions while taking the rapid antigen test as this test will take your nostrils, it will make you feel uncomfortable when your nose starts swabbing for some time but you are likely to get any harm from this test is negligible.

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