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Reusing N95 Masks Makes Your Life Easier

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We are very familiar with masks nowadays. Everyone is seen with a face mask because they are the first barrier to prevent the harmful air droplets from your respiratory system to others. Covid19 has made the concept of face mask very important so in this pandemic, days do not forget to wear the N95 mask made in the USA. Recent studies have proved that the masks filter the air droplets (causing virus) if they properly on the mouth and nose. So, wear the best N95 masks made in the USA. N95 masks made in USA are famous because of their 97% filtering capabilities. The government has ordered the public to wear a face mask even if they don’t feel sick, so it is not possible for everyone to but masks daily. Buying masks daily is not only time-consuming but also unaffordable. So, what if you can reuse a face mask? What if there is no need to buy masks daily instead buy them at once and reuse them several times. There are many tips and tricks to reuse face masks these tricks help you to save time and money.

Amazing tips to reuse N95 masks made in the USA

Here are few tips to reuse N95 masks:

  • Vaporization using hydrogen peroxideUV treatment
  • Moist heat
  • Dry heat

Vaporization using hydrogen peroxide

This method is approved by FDA as it is termed as an emergency method to sterilize the N95 masks for the health care sector. Works faster than chlorine, so frequently no contact tank is required. Peroxide works over a more extensive pH value. It is a strong oxidizer that eliminates the odor quickly. When vaporized with hydrogen peroxide a large amount of oxygen is released which results in the killing of microorganisms.

UV treatment

Specific dosing protocols are required for the usage of N95 masks made in the USA. Proper activation of harmful particles is ensured by using perfect illumination conditions. This method is widely used in hospitals to reuse the N95 masks made in the USA.

Moist heat

Heating a mask in a moist environment is proved to be very beneficial for treating the viruses caused by flu and cold. By term moist heating we refer to temperature 60-700C. this method may result in degrading the filtration efficiency of masks but it can be used in urgent conditions. N95 covers are degraded by UV light since it harms the electrostatic charges inside the polypropylene texture. It is dubious how long the masks can be revealed to UV light a few times as of late they are incapable.

Dry heat

You’ll be able to sterilize N95 masks by heating them. You’ll be able to hang them within the broiler for 30 minutes at 700. It is found that infection debilitates at 650 for 30 minutes. You’ll be able to utilize a wood clip to hang the respirator inside the kitchen stove to do the sterilization. When sterilizing N95 masks, be mindful of utilizing UV light–keep N95 covers truant from UV light/sunshine.

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