Top Things to consider when Buying a Wig

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Hair wigs serve a variety of functions. They are, for instance, hair wigs used to cover hair loss in women. Some people dress in wigs for costumes. Others make use of them to create various hairstyles.

In the past, the use of wigs was widely utilized by Egyptians to shield their heads from the burning sun. The wearing of wigs was directly linked to status social, and women belonging to the upper classes of society wore huge, beautiful wigs with various shades. They were cleaned and treated frequently with animal and vegetable oils. 

The history of wigs also shows that they played a significant role during the early Greek and Roman period. Between the 17th-18th centuries, males belonging to different groups resisted wearing the wigs that prevented them from wearing them.

The 19th century was when this hair accessory returned to the scene, and it has made an impact since. Today, wigs are an integral part of every fashionista’s wardrobe.

If we have a look in today’s world, there is a large variety of different types of wigs in the market such as 613 wigs and 360 lace wigs, etc.

Types Of Hair Wigs

There are a variety of hair wigs you can choose from:

Synthetic The wigs are made of synthetic fibers like nylon and acrylic. The wigs are generally manufactured by machines and are incredibly sturdy. They come in a variety of styles like curly, straight, and Wavy. One of the cool things about them is that you can easily dye the hair to match its shade. They’re easy to clean and dry extremely quickly.

Hair experts recommend being careful not to expose the wigs to high temperatures to stop them from melting. It’s also recommended to keep them off for no longer than six months.

Natural Wigs They are created using different types of hairs like buffalo, human, or horsehair. Some are made of wool. Natural wigs of the highest quality are costly, but they appear very authentic.

Remy Remy: This wig is made of human hair with a cuticle attached to the ends. They are typically not processed. Remy wigs tend to be separated, so they are all facing the same way. They are incredibly soft upon touching them. They last for a long time if you care for them. You can also choose from a large variety of colors such blue bob wig or red lace wigs and many more.

Wig Construction

Wigs are made in various ways that determine their price. The multiple methods of wig making comprise:

Stock Here, the synthetic fibers are stitched onto wefts and then sewn on the cap. They are among the least expensive and are readily available at your local departmental shop.

Semi-custom hairs: synthetic and natural hairs are created by this method. They’re distinguished by the solid cap placed on top with an excellent mesh net along the sides. They’re pretty costly and are usually difficult to locate in a local store, but they can be available in specialist stores.

Custom-designed These are custom-made on your exact measurements. Like semi-customized wigs, they are available in specialty stores. The best part about them is that you can modify them to fit your personal preferences.


Here’s what you need to be aware of regarding hair wigs. When you purchase wigs, you must be mindful of the place you are buying them from. As a rule of thumb, you must do your homework and ensure that you purchase them from a reliable seller.

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