What happens when you have a stroke?

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Living in Bangalore, Karnataka can be a real hassle if you are not used to living in a very big city. Being the capital and largest city in Karnataka, its population is estimated to be more than 8 million, and its metropolitan population to be about 11 million. Thus, it became third in India’s most populated city and fifth in the most populated urban agglomeration.

Cities can become a hotspot for the Covid-19 virus, and some initial studies have found out that the Covid 19 infection can cause a patient to have a stroke, namely Ischemic Stroke. So, if you are worried that you might get a stroke because you have or might be more susceptible to Covid, then get yourself treated right away in the best neurology hospital in Bangalore.

But why do people gather in Bangalore? Besides the pleasant climate that this city experiences throughout the year, it is also considered the Silicon Valley of India or India’s IT capital because it is the nation’s leading exporter of information technology.

Technological organizations even gather here, making it their headquarters. Bangalore is even ranked as the second fastest-growing among the major metropolises in India, and its metro economy is either fourth or fifth among the metro areas in India. It is even home to many millionaires and billionaires. With all of this to consider, it is no wonder why many people come to Bangalore. It is a place of opportunity for those who are willing to work hard. But this does not mean that it does not come without any downsides.

In Bangalore, a news article reported that about 62 people had a stroke that was COVID related, of which 16% of the patients died. This study was done by the doctors of St. John’s Medical College Hospital and has now been accepted by the International Journal of Stroke, ready to be published.

It helps to know what can happen to you when you are experiencing a stroke. The difference between knowing and not knowing can be a matter of life and death. It can also lead to how fast you are going to recover. So, before this dreaded disease comes knocking on your door, here is a timeline of what happens when you have a stroke.

The very first few minutes

A stroke occurs when a part of your brain cannot get enough oxygen and nutrients because the blood supply in that area has been reduced and interrupted because of a clot (Ischemic stroke) or a burst of a blood vessel (Haemorrhagic Stroke). Either or, this can lead to brain cells dying in just a few minutes. You can lose up to 2 million brain cells in under a minute. That is why the first symptom you will observe is that some part of your brain quickly becomes offline. You can be grabbing a glass of water from your water dispenser and suddenly feel like your face is acting weird, or you are sitting and typing from your laptop, and you suddenly cannot lift your arm. Then you begin to feel hot in a few seconds.

If you are experiencing face drooping, arm weakness, and slurred speech, call the emergency hotline immediately and keep calm. Tell them that you think you are having a stroke, and an ambulance will be on your way. You need to make sure that your door is not locked so emergency responders can come in and sit down while you wait. It is better this way rather than driving yourself to the hospital. A further complication might arise and may worsen your condition.

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What happens when the ambulance arrives

The moment the ambulance arrives, they’ll check if you are breathing properly. Emergency respondents will provide you with oxygen if you cannot breathe properly. They will then ask you to smile to see if one side is down, to lift both of your arms to see if both can be raised properly, or say a phrase to check if you can say things properly. They’ll check your blood sugar too, and once they determine that you have a stroke, you are on your way to a hospital.

In the Hospital

A doctor will then ask you or a loved one about your medical history and test you right away to see what kind of stroke you are experiencing with the help of a CT scan. They will then diagnose you with the kind of stroke you have. If it is Ischemic, then you’ll get a clot-busting drug. If it is hemorrhagic, then you will have to go for surgery. That is why you need to go to the best neurology hospital in Bangalore to get the proper treatment.

If ever you think you are susceptible to the disease, tell your doctor immediately. You do not want to have a stroke when you are experiencing COVID.

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