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9 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Pedestal Fan to Avoid Wasting Your Money

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It doesn’t matter which type of home appliance you are buying, it is always a good idea to do a little bit of research about it and make a list of parameters on the basis of which you can analyze that home appliance. Using a similar kind of approach while buying a pedestal fan can prove to be highly effective.

Just within a few months, summer will be back again to make your days and night uncomfortable. And with global warming making the summer worse, there are only a few home appliances that act as a savior during such a drastic season.

The pedestal fans are slowly becoming a staple in Indian houses and offices as they are highly effective and have an instant cooling mechanism. But if you are not able to discern a poor quality pedestrian fan from a good quality pedestal fan then you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, we will discuss 9 things to consider before buying a pedestal fan.

Speed of the pedestal fan

Every fan that you see in the market rotates at different speeds and this has a direct effect on the performance of the fan. The speed at which the fan rotates is measured in RPM or Rotations Per Minute. So, the faster the RMP, the faster is the cooling.

A pedestal fan with 1300 RPM can be put in the category of normal speed fan whereas the one with speed above 2100 RPM is called a high-speed fan. But you don’t need to opt for 2100 RPM as anything between 1300-1500 RPM will be perfectly fine.

Airflow of the fan

The airflow of the fan also matters a lot as pedestal fans are known for their powerful air delivery which is usually measured in CMM or Cubic Meter Per Minute. This is a measure of the volume of air pushed from the fan on a per-minute basis.

The more air a fan pushes, the more powerful is the breeze. But if the airpower reduces with time then instead of gripping about the CMM, you should call USHA customer care. This is because the CMM can decrease with time as the parts inside the pedestal fan lose their capacity to perform at their peak efficiency, just like any other home appliance.

Cost of the fan

If you don’t want things to spiral out of control in terms of cost then the best thing you can do is to make a budget before even buying a pedestal fan. The price of a pedestal fan varies a lot as there are premium brands and then there are average brands as well.

But you don’t need to go extravagant with your spending on a pedestal fan as they are easily available in the price range of Rs.1500-3000. Just make sure you are not compromising with quality while trying to save money.

Design of the fan

Apart from cooling your room, pedestal fans have a great capability to accentuate your room’s overall look and therefore, you should never ignore the design of the fan that you are buying. From different colors to different finishes and materials, there is always a lot to choose from.

Features of the fan

You are not going to get a remote with a long list of features for the pedestal fan but it is always a good move to at least look for the basic features like fan modes. A pedestal fan with low, medium and high settings for the fan speed gives better control on the temperature in your room. Make sure to check the fan at all the speed settings before buying the fan.

Although these fan settings are designed to last longer than your expectation, if anything goes wrong with these settings then just a call to the Mitsubishi customer care will be enough.

Energy consumption of the fan

There are no star signs on the pedestal fan like an AC that can directly show you the level of energy efficiency but you can still check how much power does the pedestal fan consumes. This is clearly mentioned on the pedestal fan itself and you can even ask the salesman about the power consumption.

Size of the pedestal fan

Nowadays, the market is inundated with pedestal fans and therefore, you get a long list of options to choose from. You can even find pedestal fans of different sizes. Choosing the right size can sometimes turn out to be tricky but you can make this easy by considering the area in your room where you are going to place the fan.

If your room is big then go for a pedestal fan that comes with a bigger area span as the breeze from this type of fan can reach the entire room.

Warranty and durability of the fan

Make sure the fan comes with an in-built warranty period and you can even go for an additional warranty when the in-built warranty period gets over. For this, you just have to call the Mitsibushi customer care and opt for an additional warranty package.

In addition to this, you should also check the durability of the pedestal fan as no one would love to buy a pedestal fan every summer. You can check online reviews for the durability of the pedestal fan.

Repairing cost of the fan

The repairing cost of some stylish fans can burn a hole in your pocket as the parts used in those fans are advanced and makes the life of a local handyman difficult. But you can cover these costs through an additional warranty and calling a brand technician everytime something goes wrong with the fan.

A pedestal fan can be a great relive during the summer season as they help you to wind down without worrying about the extreme temperature. But with the market inundated with pedestal fans, you must use the parameters listed above for making the right decision and choosing a fan without spending much.

And don’t forget to buy an additional warranty after buying a pedestal fan and you don’t need to call the customer care for this as you can make this process painless by using OneDios.

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