Everything You Need to Know About 80-Lowers

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Assembling a handgun for personal or professional use can be one of your life’s most interesting DIY projects. Nowadays, many Americans are exercising their constitutional right to build their firearms at home and be first-time gun owners (And so can you). From discovering tools and equipment to testing your design and engineering skills, building a firearm using 80-lower will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Many essential tools are required to build your firearm, and this article will share the ins and outs of the process with gun enthusiasts interested in this DIY project. Once you have read manuals about the process, the first step is to buy essential tools and gun components. 80-Lower is a pretty common name in the firearms industry. The word “lower” itself reveals that it is a lower receiver of a firearm.  If you have already set out to buy tools and equipment, you can visit https://www.80percentarms.com/80-lowers/ to learn more about 80 lowers.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the facts about 80% lowers that you must be familiar with in order to buy this gun component.

80 Lowers are Incomplete Firearms

80 lowers are unfinished guns, and these are manipulated for a custom build. You need to know that there are no manufactured holes in 80 lowers for the parts like a trigger, hammer pins, and selector. Therefore, attaching these gun parts directly with 80 lowers is not possible. To effectively assemble a gun, you have to make holes for required parts in 80 lowers by drilling, but it requires significant expertise. Check out 80percentarms.com to learn how to build your firearm as proper knowledge and expertise in 80 lower are required to make its use more beneficial.

No Paperwork is Required for 80 Lowers

Another essential fact you need to know about 80 lower is that it does not require paperwork. To own other guns, you must do paperwork and fulfill some inevitable legal documentation requirements. But in the case of 80 Lowers, you usually do not need to do it. Many states in the United States do not consider an 80 percent lowers a firearm; therefore, selling and owning a lower 80 is not a problem there. For buying 80 lowers, you need to check the local laws and legal perceptions about 80 lower.

80 Lowers are Used for Specific Guns 

Usually, 80 lowers can be used to build an AR-15 Rifle. Some other models can also be built with 80 lowers. The rifles or some types of handguns that can be built by 80 lowers are AR-15, AR-9, LR-308/AR-10, 1911 pistol, P320 Sig Sauer, and Glocks. The 80 lowers cannot be used to build other types of guns. You need to check and go through that your required gun is in the list of the guns for which 80 lowers can be used.

Key Takeaways

In this article, we discussed some important facts about 80 lowers. Furthermore, we discussed that after buying 80 lowers, we have to drill some holes for the trigger and selector. In addition, unlike other guns that require gun owners to do paperwork, no paperwork or background checks are required for 80 lowers. Lastly, we learned that 80 lowers can only be used with some specific rifles and handguns. Keep these points in mind if you are building a firearm that requires you to use an 80 lower.

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