Bathroom Mirror with a Led Light

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror with a Led Light

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The mirror is an essential detail among the plumbing fixtures and stylish finishes in the bathroom. This item is multifunctional, practical, and if matched to the design of the bathroom, it also performs a decorative function. Bathroom mirrors with light or medicine cabinets with light have gained wide popularity. Such models do not require the use of additional lighting devices. Therefore, there is no need to think about where to hang the lamp.

What should be a bathroom mirror?

Many factors depend on how the mirror is correctly selected for the bathroom. For example, women use this item to style their hair or apply makeup in the morning. Men also perform many hygiene procedures using a mirror. The main nuance in choosing an illuminated mirror is the correct positioning of the lighting lamps. The quality of reflection, shadow, and color will depend on the place of its localization. In addition, part of the bathroom interior will be reflected in the mirror, which also plays an important role. The illumination switched on determines the appearance of the mirror and its compatibility with the room’s design. The main task of light bulbs in the backlight is the correct transfer of all the reflection details: a person should see himself without eye strain. The highlight should not blur or, on the contrary, make the reflection too sharp. As the bulbs heat up, high-quality backlighting can quickly eliminate the condensation that appears when the temperature changes. According to statistics, a person spends the sixth part of his life in the bathroom: relaxing after a hard day, putting himself in order in the morning; therefore, it will be advisable to make this pastime the most comfortable.

Mirror lighting types

Among the wide variety of mirror products, they are divided according to one principle – lights type. Models are:

  • with external illumination;
  • with internal illumination;
  • with decorative lighting.

The mirrors with ambient or exterior light are the most popular today. This success among consumers is due to the possibility of using external lighting. Mirrors are equipped with connectors for inserting various spots, lamps, and sconces, or they can have mounts for the location of lighting devices near the mirror. This type of lighting allows you to highlight not only the mirror itself but also other objects placed nearby: a cabinet, shelves. The option of external mirror light is best for shaving, applying makeup if the lamps are located on three sides. The optimal directional lighting will be spotlights on the sides of the product and one long one in the center. Do not forget about the color scheme of the backlighting: such a model will not fulfill its primary purpose. The next type of backlighting is internal, which is provided using LED strips or blocks. Such bulbs are usually placed under frosted glass so that the light does not hurt the eyes. The advantage of this backlighting is the detailing of the reflection. In addition, this version of the mirror product will look spectacular in the bathroom. The last type of lighting is decorative, which is designed to fulfill only the function of complementing the style of bathroom design. With the help of such lighting, it is unlikely to achieve high-quality lighting, but you can add a touch of romance to the bathroom. The LEDs are located here along the entire perimeter of the mirror rim. They can be of different colors. It is essential that this backlight can be turned off at any time to avoid distortion of the reflection.

What kind of backlighting to give preference to?

When choosing a product with lighting for the bathroom, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the type of lamps used in the model. Today, manufacturers equip mirrors with the following types of bulbs:

  • halogen lamps;
  • neon and gas-discharge light sources;
  • LEDs.

Halogen bulbs are similar in principle to conventional incandescent bulbs, but the bulb’s interior is filled with gas. Such devices are durable and efficient while consuming a reduced amount of electricity. Halogen bulbs are great for damp rooms. Discharge and neon lamps have high luminous efficacy. There are also fluorescent lamps with more diffused light, but they need a particular circuit to prevent flicker, which is harmful to the eyes. The most popular type of mirror lamp is LED. This kind of lighting is relatively new and has been successful due to its brightest glow and the lowest electricity consumption. It is durable and practical and also has excellent aesthetic properties. Having spent money on such a backlight once, you can forever forget about possible malfunctions in the operation of mirror lighting.

Directionality of lighting and its color

Each mirror reflects in its way; this fact must be taken into account when choosing a product. It does not always turn out that the mirror reflects what was intended. This also applies to illuminated mirrors, which can distort the image. Before choosing, it is essential to decide on the purpose of the future product: whether it is necessary for hygienic self-care procedures or to emphasize the room’s general style. If the mirror performs only a decorative function, it may be small, but it will focus on the lighting. Do not forget about the direction of the light: lamps looking at the center are suitable for daily procedures. If the goal is to highlight some elements of the product, then you can purchase a mirror with spotlighting. Another important point when choosing is the color of the lighting fixtures. Except, multi-colored bulbs, which are intended only for decoration, then basically, the light sources will be divided into:

  • warm light bulbs;
  • cold light lamps.

The first type – warm creates a feeling of coziness and comfort, but for many buyers, it may not seem very interesting. On the other hand, cold light bulbs are sharp so that the reflection can be too detailed.

The best option would be to use dimmers in the selected model. Thanks to them, you can quickly bring the backlight to the desired lighting temperature.

Variety of mirrors

As an additional mirror product, you can also purchase a cosmetic mirror. For example, if the primary mirror will perform a decorative function with colored lighting, then a shaving and makeup mirror will come in handy. Such models are often hung near the primary mirror. They have a retractable leg, which allows the mirror to be positioned at the required distance. Cosmetic mirrors can also be produced with built-in lighting, but it is worth considering whether such an addition is necessary. According to the owners’ reviews, we can conclude that the primary illumination of the mirror is quite enough. Although, if you still want to add a little light to the reflection, it is better to use LED strips. In addition, heated mirrors come into use, which is very convenient. When taking a shower or bath, condensation often forms in the room due to the temperature difference. Moisture settles everywhere: on the floor, ceiling, walls, and mirror. The heated model will save the hostess from constantly wiping the surface of the mirror from water drops. A thin layer of heating elements will help maintain the required temperature so that condensation does not fall on the mirror. This defogging feature significantly extends the life of the mirrors.

Mirror with lights selection criteria

For the selected mirror model to perform the assigned functions, the choice of the product must be carefully considered. You should not choose the first model you like, just because it looks outwardly pretty. The product cover does not always contain the high-quality filling. Before visiting the store, it is better to familiarize yourself with the main selection criteria:

The size of the mirror. It is necessary to decide in advance: for what purpose the mirror is purchased. Today, the mirror market offers for sale models with a length of 48 inches, designed for viewing reflections up to the knees; 30 inches – for the opportunity to see yourself up to the waist and 24 inches – products where the face and chest will be visible. If we consider the models from the point of view of practicality, then the 48 inches option wins, but it is unlikely that you will need to see your reflection in the bathroom every day in almost complete growth. Therefore, the best option would be backlit models 30 and 24 inches long. The latter, by the way, will allow you to take a closer look at the details of the face.

Additional accessories. This criterion depends only on the personal preferences of the owner. Today, you can find mirrors consisting of a single mirror and models with cabinets and shelves equipped with lighting. The latter option is more practical due to the ability to fit the necessary bathroom accessories, although sometimes it looks bulky. A model consisting of a solid mirror sheet is outwardly more attractive. However, you will have to think about where to place toothbrushes and other items on the shelf or on the bathroom vanity.

Mirror material. Pay attention to items coated with silver or aluminum. Such models have a reasonable cost, but they are durable. Due to the constant temperature change, such a coating will not corrode.

Frame and mount. The structure in which the mirror is fixed must be moisture resistant, therefore, made of either plastic or stainless steel. The plastic in the product can be transparent, and the illumination located under it will additionally illuminate the walls, creating a beautiful effect.

The frame under the weight of the mirror can withstand heavy loads and must be fixed firmly. Pay attention to the fasteners included in the kit. If they are not very reliable, it is best to replace them immediately.

Design and style. Choose an illuminated mirror that matches your bathroom style. It also depends on the shape of the product. For example, round mirrors are more suitable for classic interiors, while square and rectangular products perfectly fit into modern interiors.

Lamp type. The article has already examined the types of lamps used to illuminate mirrors, concluding that it is worth noting that LED backlighting would be the best option.

Backlight switch. It is an important detail when choosing a product. Convenience and quick access to light depending on the type of switch. Today, illuminated mirrors are equipped with regulators such as a button, sensor, or remote control. The first option is the most common, although it is starting to become obsolete. Touch and motion sensors are the most popular today. They efficiently help turn on the backlight in one movement. Control panels usually come complete with products equipped with different luminescence.

LED Bathroom Mirrors IY Tips

Self-installation and connection of the mirror are not difficult if you have the necessary tools in the house: a drill for making holes, a screwdriver, an indicator screwdriver, an insulation stripper, pliers, or wire cutters.

The installation process itself consists of stages in a specific sequence:

  1. With the help of a pencil, the place where the mirror is attached to the wall is marked. The points of the holes are also marked;
  2. Holes are made in the wall using a drill with appropriate bits, and self-tapping screws are also used;
  3. The mirror is hung on the mounts, checking the evenness of the installation using a building level;
  4. The backlight wires are connected to the mains and ground;
  5. Checking the operation of the backlight is the final stage.

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