Stress-Free Dissertation Planning

The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Dissertation Planning in 2024

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Surveys by Dream Maker show that 87% of students can improve their academic performance if they plan their work and manage their time well for their dissertations. Well, does it mean that good dissertation planning can put you ahead of your fellows and help you finish your papers faster? Absolutely yes!

Planning your dissertation is crucial if you want to finish your papers on time because if you do not put much pressure on yourself from the start, you won’t be going anywhere. A clear plan gives you a timeline and roadmap and helps you capture all the moving parts of your dissertation.

So, when you sit down to make your plan, you shall know beforehand that you are going to face problems in the data collection process and you shall give that research part extra time. Likewise, you get to understand which dissertation chapters need your focus more than the other chapters.

This article provides you with a detailed guide on how you can plan your dissertation effectively in 2024. Let’s delve into the details.

How to Plan a Dissertation? Dissertation Planning Framework 2024

A good dissertation plan ensures that you will not lose your focus on the end result of your work. Oftentimes, students are so busy with research that they lag behind in the writing process. At the end of the day, they acquire help from dissertation writing services online to keep up their momentum and craft excellent papers.

For undergraduate students and postgraduate research students, here is a dissertation timeline plan that ensures that they finish their research documents by their deadline:

1. Initial Steps

While starting your dissertation planning process, ensure that you have already brainstormed the potential research questions for your work. Discuss the feasibility of research with your relevant academic staff. Use a timeline or a mind map (you can also use a calendar) to highlight the deadlines and key stages for your dissertation.

Also, you should ensure that your dissertation staff is available during the dissertation period and figure out ways to contact them whenever you need help. Utilise official vacation periods to concentrate on your research and writing work.

2. Starting the Research Process

During the research process, students feel extremely exhausted because they have to find the right resources for work and also they have to document their findings. Your dissertation planning steps should involve the following:

  • Set the timetable for meetings with your supervisor at the starting time of your research.
  • Break down the research into different parts and then decide which research questions you have to pick first.
  • If there are any work restrictions or scope limitations you face in your research process, ensure to list them in your work.
  • Keep in mind your emergency plans and determine the steps to take if there are any unexpected delays in your work plan.
  • What if your week during term time goes extremely busy and you do not have enough time to focus on your dissertation? Adjust your schedule accordingly.

3. The Writing Process

In your dissertation planning register, mention these guidelines and try to follow them during the writing process:

  • Make a rough outline that highlights the main findings and points of your dissertation.
  • Create initial drafts of your work without worrying about their perfection.
  • Save time for getting feedback on your crafted drafts and ensure that you have aptly answered the research questions in your work.
  • Study the dissertation planning example of any of your peers and try to pick up the helpful guidelines to add to your work.
  • Please note carefully that you shall have to address your dissertation title and make all the work sections relevant to your topic.

4. Final Planning Stages

During the final dissertation planning stage, you shall have to check a couple of features in your planned work. The most important things to review in your papers include the following:

  • Check with your programme handbook and ask the staff for guidance on all the things you need help with.
  • Consult your department for the appropriate referencing style and citation method to use for your dissertation.
  • Always leave some time for the final corrections of your research work.
  • Check the submission dates of your work in mind and think about how long it is going to take for your work to be printed and bound.

5. Adjustments to the Plan

The last step on our dissertation planning checklist is that you have to stay flexible about the plan you have made. Oftentimes it will not be possible for you to stick to the number of hours that you plan to dedicate to a certain section. You can manage the working hours a bit later and give the dissertation sections their required time.

Also, make sure to schedule some time at the end of your dissertation so that you can proofread your papers before submission or have someone else proofread them for you.

How Many Hours a Week Should I Spend on My Dissertation?

Treat your dissertation as a job if you want to finish it quickly. The American Psychological Association advises its students to commit to 10-20 hours per week and keep doing so for almost 12-18 months to avoid becoming a procrastinator.

What Is the Hardest Chapter to Write in a Dissertation?

For a majority of students, a literature review is the hardest and most challenging part of writing a dissertation. It is due to the fact that you have to concentrate on the entire research process in this section and summarise the main points of your work. During the dissertation planning process, ensure that you have dedicated enough time to the completion of this section.

Can I Work Full-Time During My Dissertation?

The University of Manchester advises the students to work full-time after they have completed the course. The completion of the course means that they should have finished studying all the subjects they were taught and submitted all the papers to be assessed (including the final dissertation). Work in the UK keeps you busy and you hardly find time to focus on your dissertation.

Is It Common to Fail a Dissertation?

Students are prone to fail a dissertation when they have too many academic, professional and social responsibilities to fulfil and they lack time to craft a well-written dissertation. If you fail your dissertation, you shall also be provided with an opportunity to re-submit your papers on the date provided by your department.

What Should You Not Do in a Dissertation?

The mistakes that you need to avoid during the dissertation planning and writing process are the following:

  • Don’t select a topic that is too broad or too narrow.
  • Do not select a topic that you are not interested in.
  • Avoid using ambiguous phrases in your dissertation.
  • Do not start working on your papers too early.
  • Do not forget to provide references to your work online.

Is It Normal to Be Behind on Dissertation?

Well, everyone has their own pace for their academic responsibilities. If you are procrastinating and your work speed is too slow, you will face difficulty in submitting your dissertation on time. If you miss out on the timely submission, you shall have to face different penalties; such as additional fees, reapplication for a late graduation date, delayed graduation etc.

It is completely understandable for students to lag behind in the writing process. In such pressing times, they mostly rely on the assistance offered by professional UK dissertation writers with a record for crafting brilliant papers. This provides students with unparalleled help, and they maintain their academic progress and fulfil their professional responsibilities.


The thought of writing a dissertation is daunting to a lot of students as it is the most important piece of research and writing that one has to undertake during the course of study. Dissertation planning helps students keep their focus on research, use their time efficiently and manage their writing process effectively.

In summary, outline your dissertation’s overall structure and divide your work’s content into the initial, main body, and concluding chapters of your work. Ensure that each chapter is related to the next chapter and that there is a logical & natural flow in all the parts of an individual dissertation section.

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