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How To Write An Outstanding Essay Introduction: A Guide For The College Students

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An interesting and proper introduction is the most important part of a good essay. If the introduction is amiss or ignored then your essay stands no chance to stand as an academic writing. So students need to know what is a good introduction for an essay and how to write it correctly.

An introduction is the beginning part of your essay, the first paragraph that must be intriguing for the readers to make them stay till the end of the text. It includes:

  • Brief explanation about the topic and the writer’s thoughts in general, described in the essay.
  • To give the background about the discussed problem and issue.
  • To outline your response to the essay topic.

When writing an essay, keep in mind that you have to steadily explain your thoughts and build your arguments. Never try to fill up the free space with anything unrequired or out of context.

How to Start an Essay Introduction?

Before you begin writing your introduction, you must be well-prepared and organised about the subject matter. You must have your notes ready and prepared, do not rush when you are gathering information and facts for your response. Strong writers suggest expanding your reading and research about your topic. This will help you to come up with your own ideas and makes you more creative and critical about your views and ideas.

It is to the amazement of many students that only the structure of an introduction is divided into several parts.

1. Introduction must have a hook

In order to grab the attention of the readers, you must have a statement that will hook them till the end of the essay. You can capture your readers with a quote or citation, a question, an anecdote, an amazing fact, a joke or something that appeals to the readers.

You can also start with your point of view related to the issue or the topic. The first statement that is the key sentence must be written properly other than the sentences that carry a hook. You can get expert tips from the writing services that have professional writers and essay helper available online.

2. Consists of a brief overview

The introduction consists of a quick overview about the points you are going to discuss in the essay. This also helps to build the reader’s interest to continue reading the remaining essay. Try to keep it concise and clear. Avoid being descriptive in the introduction, as you will get plenty of chances to elaborate your ideas and views in the main body.

Here you can also mention the sources you have used in your essay which you will also be writing in your reference list at the end.

3. Add Thesis Statements

The heart of an introduction is the thesis statement of your essay. Thesis statement is a sentence that carries the purpose of the essay. This is based on your personal opinion so it should be unique and must not be taken or copied from others. Thesis statement can be thought of as a one line summary of your whole essay.

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