An Idyllic Honeymoon Experience on Islands with Bluewater Ferry

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An unforgettable holiday that you will never forget with the person you love the most. That’s how your honeymoon should be. There’s nowhere else on earth that’s more captivating than island getaways.

Both of you may have different “must-haves” that you have on your bucket lists for the perfect honeymoon. It’s a good thing that island getaways offers everything romantic idylls and beautiful coastlines and stunning sunsets diving and snorkeling and thrilling adventures, intriguing religion and culture, getting lavishly treated – and of course, fantastic parties! Write down all your things you’d like to be able to do and enjoy – Bluewater Ferry will take you wherever you’d like to travel. Not just Bali, Bluewater Ferry also serves the beautiful islands of Tioman in Malaysia which are a perfect fit for a honeymoon experience.

Such island destinations boast of – 

  • Private villas that overlook the ocean
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Watching dolphins play
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • A private dining area that is secluded and set in a candle-lit setting
  • Massages and pampering at saunas

You can opt for – 

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling, discovering sunken and coral reefs and observing manta Rays
  • Surfing
  • Sea fishing
  • Mountain trekking among the volcanic islands of this island, and visiting gorgeous waterfalls
  • ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) through the forest and rafting rivers
  • Horse riding at the beach
  • Visit the temples and temples of Bali’s distinctive Hindu tradition. Bali is known as also known as the Island of Gods is home to thousands of temples, many of which are accessible to tourists
  • Learn how to cook the traditional Balinese dishes.
  • Live shows are available to watch Balinese dancing and live music
  • Visit the traditional rice paddies, farms and learn about the customs of the local people
  • Enjoy live entertainment, DJs, drinks, and other entertainment.

Bluewater Express Ferry

Bluewater Express is the longest operating, most reliable and professional speedboat company in Bali. Expertly trained in the sea and passenger issues We place the highest priority on safety and comfort.

Bluewater Express will pick you from your accommodation in a comfortable, air-conditioned minibus. Its 3 modern well-equipped and secure speed boats will take you to wherever you wish to travel. With contemporary comfort seating features, expansive outdoor decks with air conditioners as well as all the essential safety equipment and features, Bluewater is the best and most efficient speed boat service in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Bluewater Express’s speedy boats will bring you to different honeymoon destinations.

Tioman Island

Bluewater Ferry also operates ferry services from Mersing to Tioman Island in Malaysia. They also operate ferry services from Tanjung Gemok to Tioman Island and hence a huge chunk of travellers from Singapore and Malaysia frequently visit Tioman Island for their island getaways on honeymoons. Tioman Island, a picturesque gem in Malaysia, is renowned for its serene beauty and lush landscapes. Nestled in the South China Sea, this idyllic island is part of the Pahang state but lies closer to Johor’s east coast. It’s famed for its diverse marine life, crystal-clear waters, and pristine beaches, making it a haven for divers and snorkelers. Tioman’s dense rainforest, home to a variety of wildlife, offers a verdant backdrop to its sandy shores. Traditional villages dot the island, providing a glimpse into the local culture. An ideal destination for eco-tourists and beach lovers alike, Tioman Island combines natural splendor with a tranquil atmosphere.

Gili Air

Gili Air combines the loveliness of a tropical island with diving, snorkeling and surfing. See spectacular sunrises from Mount Rinjani and sunsets from Mt Agung. Explore the reefs and view glassfish, scorpion fish, turtles, and, in deeper waters white reef sharks that have a tip. Get ready to learn how to dive in beginner instruction.

Gili Trawangan

The most well-known out of all three Gili Islands, Gili T is referred to as the party island due to the numerous bars for parties. However, with its white sandy beach, reefs of coral suitable for snorkeling and diving and sea kayaks, horse riding and romantic candlelit eating, there’s something for all visitors here.


Bali’s island sister offers an array of things to do that range from surfing to trekking the slopes of the mountain. Enjoy a morning trek up the 3726-meter high active mountain Mount Rinjani to view the sunrise over the ocean or visit the traditional village to learn about the rich tradition and traditions of Sasak culture. Sasak people.

Nusa Penida

With stunning cliff views that are surrounded by turquoise waters, occasionally crashing waves, breathtaking white beaches, and snorkeling with mantas in the Bay, Nusa Penida is a iconic paradise island. There is also the option of hiking through the mountains for stunning views. Nusa Penida is a bird sanctuary too and is home to many rare species.


In the hills there are paddy fields, temples, and the traditional lifestyle. Ubud is the center of the artistic life in Bali. It caters to both romance and adventure, intimate dining, surrounded by candles that overlook the rainforest as well as thrilling ATV excursions through the forest.

To make your perfect honeymoon Enjoy Bluewater Express’ modern, professional and secure speedboats connect you with unforgettable moments for a unique getaway with your one you love most of all.

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