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The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Hoodies: Styles, Fabrics, and Fits

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We all know how dogs are called man’s best friend. Though we can’t argue with that, we have another best friend we’d like to present on the table: hoodies! Think of all the times your hoodie saved you and gave you a whole-styled look in just a minute. Hoodies are magical. Given that, let’s delve into some tips for choosing the best hoodies for men; here’s a simple but comprehensive guide.

How to Choose the Perfect Hoodie?

Finding the best hoodies for men is not an easy task, especially when you’re not looking for just a piece of clothing, but for a long-term friend, a savior you can go to when you don’t know what to wear. These standards make picking hoodies sound like hard work. The fact is, it can be easier if you plan it right.

Now, with the rapid, ongoing fashion trends changing, we always have multiple options when it comes to hoodies and sweatshirts. These basic pieces are no longer basic; they come in all shapes, cuts, prints, and materials. So, before you purchase your next hoodie, you might want to consider some important factors to make it easier for you to style them for different occasions.

We’ll discuss each factor in detail, but roughly speaking, you’ll need to consider the fabric, style, and fit.

Choosing Your Hoodie’s Fabric:

Hoodies are not exclusive in winter; depending on the fabric, you can go all year switching among hoodies! Here’s a simplified guide for choosing your hoodie fabric:

Cotton: You can’t go wrong with cotton! Natural, soft, and breathable, it’s perfect for everyday wear, especially during warm months.

French Terry Cloth: This is basically cotton. It has soft loops on the inside, so it’s comfortable and a bit warmer than standard cotton, good for winter and fall.

Polyester and Cotton-Polyester Blends: Some favor polyester because it dries fast and doesn’t wrinkle, so it’s good for athletes. But a cotton-polyester blend is the best of both worlds. It’s perfect for active lifestyles.

Wool Blend: Wool blend hoodies combine wool’s warmth with artificial fibers’ durability, low maintenance, comfortable and long lasting.

Choosing Your Hoodie’s Style

Choosing Your Hoodie’s Style When thinking about your next hoodie’s style, you’ll probably consider things like its cut, print, and overall feel. Is it a bold-casual hoodie with a trendy cut? Or is it a slim-fit one? Shall you get one with pockets or not? Are plain hoodies a hit again, or is it safer to buy printed ones? The list goes on. In short, there are numerous variables when it comes to hoodie styles, so here’s how to choose wisely:

1- Revisit your closet first: It’s always better to do a quick check on your existing hoodies and sweatshirts before buying new ones. This way, you can avoid duplicated colors and styles. And better yet, you can avoid buying things knowing you won’t end up wearing them.

2- Make a list of how you want to wear your hoodies. If you’d mostly count on hoodies alone, you can go wild and pick various styles and cuts like oversized hoodies, sleeveless ones, full-zip, half-zip, tall fit, and overhead ones. But if you’re more into layering and styling your hoodies with other pieces to make wholesome outfits, consider going for safe, basic options that can go with multiple other clothing pieces.

3- Choose a diverse color palette. Basic colors are great, but you might as well consider some vibrant colors that add more boldness to your style. Color variation can help you style the same hoodie for different outfits on various occasions.

4- Prints, pockets, zippers, and accessories can be a great addition to your style. However, there’s no rule on how to pick the best one. When it comes to customized or modified hoodies, each piece has its own scenario, so trust your gut and get yourself some unique-looking hoodies, but remember, don’t overdo it!

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