Having an Affair on the Top Online Hookup Website

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If you are happily married then you may fail to understand the appeal of some of the best online hookup websites. You may even think that these websites are dangerous since these are especially designed for affairs. One of the highly popular among these online hookup sites is Ashley Madison that can be found on Breakupshop. The site is designed with great safety and anonymity in mind. You have the advantage of blurring and even altering your photos so that it makes it tough to recognize you. You can also choose a username that can also help to protect your true identity.

Key Features

Ashley Madison has several key features that have helped the site to gain immense popularity among its users. Some of these features are discussed below.

  • TravelingMan: This is a feature that makes it pretty simple for you to connect to other members located in different countries or cities that you may be traveling to in the future.
  • Discreet Photos: This feature lets you upload and even modify photos that makes it difficult for others to identify you. You can add some masks on your face on the photo and even blur some distinct aspects of your physical structure.
  • Wink: This is a great feature on Ashley Madison that lets shy members show their interest in some other member without having to send a message.
  • Priority Man: This lets you portray your profile to several members and also get a chance of increasing their interest levels.
  • MessagePlus: It lets you talk with other members with whom you have been in touch in the past.


When it comes to the total number of members on Ashley Madison, the number is pretty huge. In the US alone you will find a total of around 24 million members. The website also attracts almost 3 million global members on a monthly basis. This will let you enjoy a decent stream of people with whom you can connect.

The users of this website are pretty active. This means you need not worry about choosing through a large group of inactive or dormant profiles. Majority of the members are middle-aged, which is pretty understandable. It is during this age that people generally find their marriages in a rut. If you re also in the same boat, ten you will surely find the company that you find on Ashley Madison.

Sign Up

The signing up process on Ashley Madison is pretty fast. Majority of the online dating sites make you type in a lot of your information in order to find out more about you. This is not the case with this online dating site. Ashley Madison understand that you will certainly not like the idea of disclosing all of your sensitive information in the fear of getting exposed. Signing up is free and also less time consuming than others.

In the registration process, you do not have to put in much of your private information. However, you will certainly have to mention your current state of relationship, if you are in one at the moment.

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